Who is Harris’ Boyfriend in The Conners? Are They Still Together?

The Conners Harris Boyfriend
The Conners Harris

The Conners Season 4 saw Harris with a new boyfriend? So, who is The Conners’ Harris’s Boyfriend? Are they still together? Well, we already saw how Harris had got her first boyfriend, Josh, in season 3. However, their relationship came to an end after he ghosted her. It left her hurt and heartbroken as it was their first relationship. But, it did not discourage her from falling in love again. She surprised her mother by introducing her boyfriend at a wedding party. Meanwhile, she had a huge age gap with her boyfriend.

Now, the duo is facing problems from both of their families, taking their age difference. Furthermore, her boyfriend already had two sons and a former drug addict wife. Harris’s mother is purely against their relationship and even criticizes her for paying her boyfriend’s rent and child support. It caused a huge rift between them and her mother, telling Harris to get out of the house. The upcoming new episode of the series will feature how the pair will fare in their relationship. It will also showcase whether the pair broke up or is still together until the end. Is he the one for Harris or just a jerk like her previous boyfriend?

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Who is Harris’ Boyfriend?

Harris’ boyfriend is Aldo, as shown in season 4 of the show. She surprised Darlene by introducing her new boyfriend in the church in episode 4. In the series, he is portrayed to be a 38-year-old tattoo artist. Tony Cavalero played the role of Aldo as a recurring artist and the latest boyfriend of Harris in the last aired season. Meanwhile, Kenney portrayed Harris role, who is Dan’s granddaughter and Darlene’s daughter. Aldo is also the father of two young boys, besides being a tattoo artist. The pair works alongside each other in the same shop. Furthermore, the age difference between Harris and Aldo definitely stirred up some conflicts.

Who is The Conners Harris Boyfriend in 2022?
Harris with her boyfriend Aldo during the wedding

The Conners’ Harris’ Boyfriend Made his Debut in the Wedding of Dan and Louise

The first appearance of Harris’s boyfriend got to be seen in the episode aired on October 13, 2021. The title for the episode was The Wedding of Dan and Louise. She brought him as a surprise boyfriend at the wedding and introduced him to her mother. He is also described as the kind of easy-going guy and laid-back. Furthermore, the casting of Tony reunited him with his previous castmate from fellow Righteous Gemstones, John Goodman. The School of Rock tv series also saw him in the role of Dewey Finn.

Aldo and Harris Age Difference

Aldo and Harris have an age difference in real life also and not only in reel life. Tony is 38 years old, and Emma is 22 years old. Thus, there is an age gap of almost sixteen years between the characters. The age difference is also the main reason why the couple is facing several problems in the series too. It seems that no one likes Harris being with Aldo due to their huge age gap. Harris and Aldo’s family could take some time to be used to their new relationship. But, it is still not known how their relationship would turn out.

What Happened to Aldo and Harris in The Conners Season 4?

It is yet to get seen how Aldo and Harris’ relationship would turn out as the Conners Season 4 has not come to an end. Only one episode of the series is left for airing that will premiere on February 02, 2022. The last episode will feature the fate of the duo’s relationship. In the last aired episode, it got seen that Aldo’s father is objecting to the pair moving together. He also explains to Dan about him disapproving of their relationship as Aldo is too old for Harris.

Who is The Conners Harris Boyfriend
Harris with her boyfriend Aldo and his father

Furthermore, he thinks that his son is unstable and immature. But, the pair decides to move together while disregarding the advice of everyone. Before that, Darlene also accepts the pair moving together only for trying to trick Harris. However, her plan failed when they tried to really move together. The mother-daughter relationship was also in trouble after they fought over her new boyfriend. It also leads to Darlene kicking Harris out of the home.

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