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Who Is The Chip Girl On Tiktok? Know About The Trending Personality

who is chip girl on tiktok
Burgundy Waller

For many YouTubers, TikTok is a place where they can show a little of their life without showing their fans everything. Many famous TikTok creators have kept certain aspects of their lives secret, including their faces or names. Talking about Chip Girl, who goes by the name @chipgirlhere, had also kept her real name a secret until recently when she finally posted a video revealing it. In the videos of recent TikToks, Chip Girl has teased that she will reveal her real names in an upcoming video.

In the first two videos, she showed a video where she revealed her name but cut the audio when she actually said it. She had also covered her lips with black tape, making it impossible for anyone to read. And, finally, in the third video, she revealed her name and explained where she came from. So in this article, we shall discuss who is the chip girl on TikTok? So let’s get started.

Chip Girl, also known as chipgirlhere, is the star of TikTok, who has quickly become famous on the platform. With the dramatic expansion of lip-sync apps, thousands of content are uploaded regularly. Against the background of heterogeneity of content, many users create their own unique personalities. Therefore, the TikToker Chip Girl is also making rounds on the leading platform. Meanwhile, the potential subtleties of web personality are under the radar. So, In the following article, let’s explore some facts and insights about Chip Girl’s life and who is Chip Girl on Tiktok?

Who Is The Chip Girl On Tiktok?

Chip Girl on TikTok has received wide acclaim for her beautiful and amazing content. The official account has amassed a huge number of 2 million followers so far. The web sensation Chip Girl’s real name is Burgundy Waller. Waller, after showing off her stunning wedding customers, went viral on TikTok. She also explained that the name was funny partly because she was raised Mormon, but her parents decided to name her after a Wine, even though Mormons don’t drink wine. Not much is known about Burgundy, but she lives in Las Vegas, and from her posts, it can be concluded that she or her family are wealthy.

who is chip girl on tiktok

Burgundy Waller

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Who Is Burgundy Waller?

Burgundy has amassed over 2 million followers on TikTok in part by showcasing various aspects of her life. She posts about her dog, her kids, and her husband, and also shows off her shoe collection and tries on clothes in her videos. In general, her videos are described as ambitious, and she also describes herself as a “digital creator” on her Instagram account.

Her tagline, for whatever she has done, is “What The Tech,” and she uses that phrase both in her video subtitles and in the video itself. Burgundy also uses her position as an influential person to promote the many products that she wears and models. If you click the link in her Instagram bio, you can buy many of the items featured in her post.

How Much Is The Chip Girl’s Net Worth?

The exact figures for Chip Girl’s net worth have not been disclosed online yet. However, looking at Chip Girl’s social platform, it seems that she comes from a strong financial background. This TikTok star lives in a high-tech mansion with quirky gadgets everywhere. From floating flowerpots to touchscreen toasters to innovative blankets, you name it, they have got it all. From time to time, fans can see her shopping in luxury shops. It seems that Chip Girl is already the mother of her daughter, with whom she often publishes photos. The mother-daughter duo shopped at upscale fashion brand Louis Vuitton. Chip Girl and her husband reportedly bought a brilliant house from a tech startup founder. The couple pressed the chip between their thumb and forefinger to unlock the keys. They also have a website to showcase their exclusive door-opening chips.

More About Burgundy Waller:

Burgundy had managed to build on this reputation even though she had never revealed her name. Now that she’s done that, it’s clear that she’s ready to be a little more honest with her followers about her life and who she is. Her followers can only grow after her name is revealed, which is likely to attract additional attention to her profile once people find out who she really is.

While TikTok and other social media platforms offer users some level of privacy, at some point, most people decide it’s time to go behind the scenes and find out who they are. Frequently revealing your real name can raise your profile and take you to the next level of dominance. It’s not clear if this will happen to Burgundy, but it is possible.

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