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Who is Taylor Frankie Paul? Everything We Know About Tiktok star

In today’s article, we shall talk about the sensational Tiktok star Taylor Frankie Paul. Tiktok has become one of the best platforms from where a person becomes a celebrity. Taylor Paul is one of them. Today’s article shall center on Taylor Frankie Paul. Most of you, especially if you are also a big-time user of Tiktok, must be knowing about her. In case you don’t know her, you must be having several questions regarding her in your mind. Right? This is normal. Especially when the person becomes a celebrity, people gain and show much interest in their lives. Now you must be wondering who Taylor Frankie is. Right? We shall get into her personal life, career, and everything about her in detail.

By now, you must be knowing who Taylor Frankie Paul is. She is none other than a very young Titok sensation and a social media influencer. Besides this, she is a proud mother of two cute kids. People love her mainly for her motherly content. She is very much family-centric and takes care of her family. Taylor Frankie Paul has gained huge massive fans on both Instagram and Tiktok platforms. If you are one of those fans of Taylor Paul, this article is exactly for you. So go ahead, and get into this article to know further about Taylor Frankie Paul.

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Who is Taylor Frankie Paul? What is she famous for?

Taylor Frankie Paul is an American social media influencer, social media content writing, and dancer as well. She was born on 23 May 1994 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. She was born and raised by her parents Jeremy May (father) and Lian May (mother). Taylor has two siblings, one brother whose name is Hunter May and one sister Aspen May. 

When it comes to her career, Taylor Frankie Paul is very much successful. Most of her posts and content on Instagram and Tiktok are either her dance videos on trending songs, or motherly content, or comedy. She often portrays her children and husband on her social media platforms. She uploads motion pictures of her family which seems to be loving. Taylor Paul joined Tiktok in 2013, and by now there she has garnered more than 1.6 million followers. Also, not to forget to mention her fame on Instagram. Her Instagram account holds 116k followers, as of 30 August 2021. Currently, Taylor Frankie Paul is planning to launch her fashion brand, adding it to her career.

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Taylor Frankie Paul: Relationship Status

When it comes to her relationship status, her fans are very much curious to know about it. Whom is Taylor Frankie Paul dating? This has been the most aroused question that came into the minds of her fans. Well, she isn’t dating anyone. Okay, now what does that mean?

Taylor Frankie Paul is married to her loving husband Tate Paul. The couple met in January 2016 and then started dating each other. After dating for seven to eight months, on 7 August  2016, the duo got to each other. Currently, Tate Paul is working as a district manager at AdvancedMD. Taylor Frankie Paul gave birth to their first child, a daughter on 31st August 2017 and named her Indy Paul. After three years, on 18 June 2020, she gave birth to another cute child, a son and named him Ocean Paul. At present, four of them live in S.Jordan, Utah, United States.

Who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Taylor Frankie Paul with her cute children Indy Paul and Ocean Paul

Besides her social media career, Taylor Frankie Paul is a very good wife and a mother. She takes good care of her family which includes her loving husband and two cute children. Taylor often portrays her husband and kids on her social media accounts. It’s more like, whoever knows Taylor Frankie Paul, must know her husband Tate Paul and kids Indy and Ocean. It seems like Taylor Frankie Paul’s personal life is as smooth as her career.

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