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Who Is Symonne Harrison Dating? The Youtube Star Reveals in A New Video

symonne harrison
symonne harrison

Symonne Harrison is a 14-year-old actress, YouTuber, model, dancer, and even and an Inventor! She has won many medals in various dance competitions, along with performing for her home team, Cleveland Cavaliers. Symonne Harrison has modeled for magazines and brands like Art and Beauty and Lip Smacker respectively.

She was born on June 19th, 2006, and started dancing at the age of 2, and her professional career at the age of 7! She belongs to an upper-middle-class family from Cleveland, Ohio, US. Symonne completed her elementary education at a local school and is enrolled in the same High School currently.

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Her father’s name is Jim Harrison, and her mother is Tania Harrison. At the age of 6, she also invented the product Bear on the Chair and holds a patent for the same. It was featured on the popular television show “Black-ish.” Symonne is part of a popular social media influencer group, “The Piper Rockelle Squad.”

Symonne Harrison: Social Media Fame

She started her acting career very young, having been moved from Ohio to LA at the age of Eleven. Symonne had performed in many competitions,  including a performance at Walt Disney World in 2019. She has also acted in The Affair alongside Emily Browning.

The Squad

After joining the Squad, which also contains Piper Rockelle, Lev Cameron Khmelev, Elliana Walmsley, Jenna Davis, Jentzen Ramirez, Emily Dobson, Ayden Mekus, Claire Rock Smith, Sophie Fergie, Sawyer Sharbino, and Connor Cain. She began her own YouTube channel on January 11, 2017. Her first video was, “ALL ABOUT ME!! WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!!,” which she released on 16th June 2018. She uploads content related to baking, fashion, DIY, lifestyle videos, etc. Catch one of her foodie videos below:

Her 2nd video was a Q&A Videos. Her most-watched video was uploaded on 28th May 2020, entitled “WHO CAN GAIN THE MOST WEIGHT IN 24 HOURS CHALLENGE! **GONE WRONG** || Symonne Harrison,” The video currently has over 2 million views and features fellow Squad members and friends Pipper Rockelle, Sophie Fergi, Lev Cameron, Ayden Mekus, Emily Dobson, Sawyer Sharbino, and Jentzen Ramirez.

The talented and beautiful actress is active on different social media platforms as well. Her Instagram ID is @symonneharrison, and has more than one million followers! On TikTok, she has gained about 1.9 million 38.8M likes. Her YouTube channel has 1.01 Million subscribers as of now.

Symonne Harrison: Who Is She Dating?

Fans love the Squad as much as they do their interesting videos. Due to her very young age and her primary focus on her career, she has been pretty quiet and private about her love life. But this is what we know about her dating history with Ayden Mekus, a fellow member of the Squad:

Ayden Makus: 

Symmone and Ayden with their Starbucks (Via Instagram)

Ayden Makus, 15, is also a part of the Squad. Symonne and Ayden started dating in 2020. Before that, Symonne had uploaded various videos in which she was referring to him as his crush. Ayden is also an actor. He began his acting career in the year of 2018 when he was only 13. His debut was through the TV show entitled “Chocolate Chip Cookies.” He has worked in some popular TV shows and has also starred in movies like Critical Candle, EL Fred, Mr. Strange, To Smell the Roses, and The Lilac Thief. He received widespread recognition for his spectacular execution of the character of Max Grainge in the series The Lilac Thief. He was also featured in a documentary series, “Teens Wanna Know,” alongside stars Casey Simpson and Bryana Salaz.

(Source: Youtube)

Ayden confessed his love to Symonne on 24th Dec 2020, and here’s a video he posted of the same. It is so cute, he held her hand and everything. It is impossible to just chime a big awwwww when she reacts so cutely:

Unfortunately, the two have, since then, broke up. Some sources say the couple grew apart and hence separated their ways after 6 months of dating. In a video, they said they have come to the decision that they were “better off as friends.” They have talked about the same in another of their youtube videos named ‘EVERYONE IS BREAKING UP.’

#CLAYDEN on the rise? (Source: Instagram)

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Moving on, it seems that fellow Squad member Claire Rocksmith has caught the eye of Ayden, and they are currently dating (maybe?) because Ayden has uploaded a video of saying those three magical words. He has also made some really supportive and cute comments on her recent Instagram photos and has even shown up to Las Vegas to surprise her. Video below:

Who Is Symonne Dating?

Just less than a week back, Symonne revealed in a video that she had a new crush! “Introducing My CRUSH To My BEST FRIENDS **SECRET REVEAL**❤️🤫|Symonne Harrison” is the video which she released on 1st May 2021 and revealed someone special to all her best friends. Turns out, her secret crush is none other than Nick Bencivengo, a fellow actor, dancer, and TikToker. He has more than 3.2 million fans on his TikTok channel and has more than 304K followers on his Instagram.

Nick Bencivengo (Via: Instagram)

It is evident from his dance-centric IG account @nickbencivengo  that he loves dancing as much as Symonne does. Here’s to hoping that the couple lasts longer given how cute they look together!

Watch the video below:

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