Who is Susanne Craig’s Partner? Inside the Investigative Journalist’ Personal Life!

Who is Susanne Craig's Partner?
Susanne Craig

Susanne Craig is mainly known for her comments on political issues and her involvement with Larry Craig. So, who is Susanne Craig’s partner? Is she married or single currently? Well, we do not have many details on her personal life as she is very secretive about it. Susanne is rather focused on her work, as known from her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Nevertheless, shockingly, she is involved with the former American politician, Larry Craig. She also rarely mentions her personal life. The investigative journalist works for the New York Times as of now. 

Craig’s reporting on Donald Trump’s wealth made her very famous after getting anonymous mail during the presidential election of 2016. Later on, she continued in her investigation and reporting, which is still going on. She also won an award for her same reporting in 2019. The investigative journalist does not seem to be in a relationship with anyone as evident from her posts on social media. Well, she could have been dating anyone and keeping it a secret or has never met her soul mate until now. There is even no information if she is married or not. 

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Who is Susanne Craig’s Partner? 

Susanne Craig does not have a partner currently. The investigative journalist is not dating anyone or is married. There is nothing on her social media posts that hints that Susanne is with anyone. Furthermore, the journalist shares most of the time only things related to her work on social media. There is also no information on whether she has ever dated anyone or not. Thus, Susanne is very much single as of now. She is also very secretive about her personal life and does not share anything much about it on social media platforms. As an investigative journalist, she uses such platforms only for putting forth her opinions. 

Journalist Susanne Craig during an interview

Is Susanne Craig Married?

No, Susanne Craig is not married. Many news portals are stating that Susanne is married to Larry Craig, who is the State of Idaho’s retired politician. But, these are false as Larry Craig is not married to an investigative journalist. There are also no such hints from Larry or Susanne Craig that are married to each other. The news portals stating such news did not probe into the details and stated such news without further knowledge. Larry Craig is indeed married, but it is not to Susanne Craig.

How Did The Rumours About Susanne Being Married Come Around?

It is not sure how the rumours about Susanne Craig being married to Larry Craig came around. However, it is pretty much related to the names that confused everyone. Larry Craig’s wife name is also Susanne that is similar to the investigative journalist Susanne name. But, one key detail is that the titles of both Susanne are different, one is Susanne Craig, whereas the other is Susanne Thompson. Also, Larry Craig and Susanne Craig’s titles are the same. It could be that the name and the title confused everyone. Larry Craig is married to Susanne Thompson. 

Is Susanne Craig Lesbian or Gay?

No, Susanne Craig is not Lesbian or Gay, and she is pretty much straight. The rumours regarding her sexuality also arose due to her being associated with Larry Craig. In 2007, Larry was involved in a scandal wherein he got arrested after being involved in sexual behaviour with another man in the restroom at an airport. Thus, speculations taking Susanne Craig’s sexuality got the limelight due to people thinking that she was the one who got married to Larry Craig. But, these assumptions are all false.

Susanne Craig's Partner
David Barstow, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner accepting 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting

Susanne Craig’s Reporting on Donald Trump’s Wealth

Suanne Craig investigated and reported on the wealth of Donald Trump since 2018. She and her team members also won the 2019’s Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for their detailed coverage of Donald Trump’s wealth and tax. They reported about Trump receiving $413 million as a toddler from the real estate empire of his father despite him claiming that he won the election without the help of his father. Interviews and records are showing the set-up of a sham corporation by them for disguising millions of dollars received from their father. 

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