Kale vs Broly – Who Will Win? Who is Stronger, Kale or Broly?

Kale vs Broly: Who is Stronger
Kale and Broly

It goes without saying that Broly and Kale have uncanny similarities in the way they power up. Even before Broly became cannon in the Dragon Ball Super, we spotted her resemblance with Broly from the non-canon DBZ films. Some of us even considered Kale to be the female alternative of Broly. However, the most recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly brought the legendary character back to the anime silver screens. So, who is stronger, Kale or Broly?

Hilariously, Broly and Kale both had the luxury of beating Frieza into a pulp. Now that Broly and Kale are canon characters, an obvious question popped into our minds. Who is stronger between Kale and Broly? Will the Universe 6’s gifted Saiyan stand a chance before someone who fought Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue? Here, we bring you a detailed comparison between Kale and Broly in terms of strength and endurance.

How is Kale’s Super Saiyan Different From Broly?

Thanks to Caulifla’s guidance, Kale learned to come out of her berserk state and control her powers. Even without the Berserk form, Kale was far stronger than what Goku and Vegeta were when they first turned Super Saiyan. Thus, it’s safe to say that she was born different from the rest and powers up in her unique way. Unlike Broly and most other Saiyans, the incident that triggered Kale’s transformation wasn’t that intense. Let’s just be honest; not getting her sister’s attention isn’t a good enough reason to go Super Saiyan.

Goku vs. Kale

On the other hand, Broly’s power-up was a lot more logical. He was brought up in a way that makes him nothing less than a war weapon. Losing the only person he followed right before his eyes was a good enough reason to go berserk. Broly’s initial power-ups were weak, and Goku’s inferior forms held up pretty well against him. However, just as Frieza suspected, Broly had no limit to how much he could evolve. He kept on powering up till things went out of everyone’s hand.

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Who Is Stronger, Kale or Broly?

This would have been quite a debate if we were talking about DBZ’s Broly. However, Dragon Ball Super’s Broly is undoubtedly stronger than Kale. Come on. We are talking about someone who held his ground against Gogeta. Isn’t that enough reason to declare Blory the stronger one? Every time we thought that the fight was finally over, Broly kept coming back with an even higher power. I don’t know how much he would have grown if left unchecked.

Goku vs. Broly

Meanwhile, Kale did seem as strong as Broly in the beginning but didn’t progress the exponential way that Broly did. She was being taken care of by one fatal attack from Jiren. This means Goku or Vegeta could have beat her, too, if they were serious. Defeating Broly was clearly not that easy, not even close. The stats could have changed a bit after Kale merged with Caulifla, but that won’t be a fair comparison to make. (Well, I am pretty convinced that Broly is superior to Kefla)

Are Kale and Broly Lengendary Super Saiyans?

Be it Kale or Broly; the term ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’ has been used during their transformations, at least in the canon episodes. Both of them are Super Saiyans with a greenish aura and are known for their Berserk nature. The franchise didn’t confirm either of them as legendary Super Saiyans. Much like Super Saiyan Rose, they can be just another type of Super Saiyan that not many have seen before.

Dragon Ball Super Broly

Moreover, in the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z (Frieza saga), the term Super Saiyan was initially referred to as the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan.’ So, according to that, if Broly and Kefla are Legendary Super Saiyan, so do Goku and Vegeta. The Super Saiyan itself was supposed to be a once in centuries legendary thing, so no one even knew that Super Saiyans could have varieties too.

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