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Who is Steve Sarkisian Girlfriend? All about his Career

coach sarkisian
coach sarkisian

Last Updated on October 13, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Famous football coach and former player Steve Sarkisian is the news for the crushing loss against the Oklahoma football team. But why did the Texas team lost the game? Also, is Steve Sarkisian losing touch as a coach? We will find out answers to this question in this article. Also, we will look into the personal life of Sarkisian. Who is Steve Sarkisian’s girlfriend? Steve Sarkisian started his career as a football player. Now, he is the coach of the University of Texas. Steve hasn’t been coaching the team for long. He has been coaching the team since January 2021. Besides the University of Texas, Sarkisian has coached other Universities’ football teams. In 2009 he held the position of coach at the University of Washington. He held the coach position there till 2013. later in 2014, he was appointed at the University of Soth California.

When did Steve Sarkisian start playing football? Steve started his football career in college. He studied at Brigham Young University. He played as a quarterback in the team. Besides playing for the University team, Sarkisian also played as a quarterback for Saskatchewan Roughriders. It is a team in Canadian Football League. Moving forward in his career, Sarkisian worked with the Atlanta Falcons and the University of Alabama. He worked as an offensive coordinator for both teams. The offensive coordinator is a staff member of the football who is in charge of strategizing the team’s offense.

steve sarkisian on the football field

Steve Sarkisian on the football field

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Who is Steve Sarkisian’s girlfriend?

Steve Sarkisian does not have a girlfriend but was married to Stephanie Sarkisian. Steve Sarkisian was born on 8 March 1974. He was born in Torrence, California. Also, the former football player has seven siblings. Because of the recent loss of the University of Texas, people have been questioning Steve’s ability to coach. This also drew attention to his personal life.

stephanie and steve sarkisian

Stephanie and Steve Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian’s have been married to a coach and collegiate track Stephanie Sarkisian. Stephanie is now the ex-wife of Sarkisian. The couple divorced in 2015. Stephanie was boring in 1975. When she was in school she dated the former head coach of Washington (Steve Sarkisian). The reason behind the couple’s divorce is not known. Steve and Stephanie have three children together. Their two daughters Taylor and Ashley. Also, they have a son named Brady.

Football career

Steve Sarkisian started his athletic career as a collegiate player In 1992. At the time, he attended the University of South California, but after a semester, he transferred to El Camio college. After leaving football at USC, he started playing again because of Head coach and ohn Featherstone at El Camio college. In 1995 Sarkisian transferred to Brigham Young University as a freshman. He was recruited into the BYU football team by the assistant coach DeWayne Walker. Then in 1994, Steve was offered a scholarship by BYU. He completed the season with 31 of 34 passes and 3 touchdowns. And the BYU team won the match against Fresno State.

sarkisian playing on the field

Sarkisian playing on the field

In 1998, Sarkisian opened the season with six touchdowns against Texas A&M. BYU won the match in Pigskin classic. The BYU team won the WAC  championship game. And their final match was against Wyoming cowboys from the University of Wyoming. Steve Sarkisian was awarded Sammy Baugh Trophy for his efforts in the final match. Also, he was titled as the nation’s top passer.

Finally, Sarkisian started his professional football career in 1997 with Saskatchewan Roughriders. He played in the Canadian football league with the team. His professional career carried on till 1999. In his 1997 season, he closed with 21 touchdowns and 16 touchdown passes. After his final season, Sarkisian started his coaching career in 2000.

As a Coach career

Sarkisian started as a quarterback coach for El Camio college. Later he moved to be an offensive coach at USC. There he worked with his former coach Norm Chow and the head coach Pete Carroll. He started as an offensive coach but later was put in the role of quarterback coach in 2002. In 2005, Sarkisian joined the team of USC as the assistant head coach. Also, he was a quarterback coach.

sarkisian analysing the game

Sarkisian analyzing the game

In 2008, Steve was appointed as the head coach of the University of Washington. Also, he got a big paycheck of $1.75 million when he signed a contract in 2009. But in 2013, he returned to USC. He was appointed as the head coach of the team. In 2016, Steve took the job as an analyst of the Alabama football team. After his to and for a position with Atlanta and Alabama, Sarkisian accepted a position with the University of Texas as the head football coach in 2021.

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