Who is Stevan From Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Who is Stevan Ditter from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?
Stevan Ditter

Stevan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3 could be described as a player and party-type guy in two words. He gained quite the followers, even more than the winners after his appearance in the show. After all, he is one among the contestants who stayed from the first to the end in season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. He is also known for having a bit bad boy style that likes to get attention from everyone. Just like himself, Stevan also prefers girls that are not too goody shoes. He has blond hair and blue eyes with 184 cm in height. His party and bad boy ways had indeed caught the eyes of many seeing the increase of his Instagram followers.

Moreover, Stevan not only has a flirtatious lifestyle but also a good career in modeling. Currently, the agency with which he is signed is Verge Agency, and Eric Stern is his mother agent. He also has a music career that could be found in the Soundcloud and Instagram profile @yattydadddy. Other than that, he also has his own accessories line that is trendy, affordable, and essential known as Novelty Noize. The accessory line has its own website and Instagram page that deals in necklaces, bracelets, chains, and chokers.

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Who is Stevan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Stevan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3 full name is Stevan Ditter that is currently twenty-six years old. He joined nine other singles on season 3 of Too Hot to Handle that got released on Netflix on January 19, 2022. Stevan got joined with four other men and five women in the villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He was one of the finalists who entered in the beginning and ended until the last moment, along with Holly Scarfone and Izzy Fairthorne in the series. Ditter also has the third-highest Instagram followers consisting of 54.5k followers as of the moment. Even the winners, Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson do not have as many followers as him. 

Stevan from Too Hot to Handle

Stevan Ditter is a Model and DJ

Stevan Ditter is a model and DJ who hails from California’s Los Angeles of the U.S.A. He does not like to follow rules and lives his life the way he wants every day. Stevan DJ-ed in a few clubs in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. The model is very much into the music scene and throwing parties and stuffs like that. Ditter also mentioned how DJ’s get girls, and they really just pull towards them.

One does not even have to be good-looking for being a DJ. Furthermore, they are there as long as they mix right. Ditter explains about himself how he likes to have fun and does not like to be tied down. He does not like the good girls as it bores him. The model also loves the British accent as he does not know exactly, but they are just bred in a different light, according to him. He was in the Too Hot to Handle series 3 to make everyone go crazy. So, basically, the model is not only hot and handsome but also a playboy.

Ditter’s Netflix Introduction

Ditter explained in the Netflix introduction bio how he got his name Steven from his parents. His mother and father wanted to call him with different names, Steve and Evan, respectively. Thus, he got his name Steven with the mixing of both Steve and even according to his parent’s wishes. The model also has tattoos covering almost both his hands and knows how to be eye-catching. Furthermore, he also had won the attention of females in Los Angeles with his attitude and bad boy looks. 

Who is Stevan Ditter?
Olga and Steven in Too Hot to Handle Series 3

Well, Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle series 3 had further opened him to the international market. His Instagram followers also got increased by almost more than 20,000 after his appearance in the show. Steven expressed himself as an obnoxious, flirtatious, and loud one. Another interesting thing he mentioned about himself was that he started his lifestyle as a player from a younger age, considering his winning of high school’s biggest flirt. Hence, Steve Ditter had always been a party and player guy since his school days. His IG handle is @stevanditter.

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