Who is Sophie Gogglebox’s Boyfriend? The New Guy She Mentioned

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Sophie Gogglebox's Boyfriend
Sophie Sandiford

Nowadays, the topic of Sophie Gogglebox’s Boyfriend is creating a Strom on the internet. So, all the people are curious to know about his relationship status. Therefore, we have come up with this new article to discuss her relationship. But, before that, we will talk about Sophie in short.

Well, Sophie Sandiford is a well-known television personality in the United Kingdom. Sophie earned a place in the unscripted TV drama industry and was at the center of attention when she appeared in the acclaimed British TV unscripted TV drama Gogglebox. This program features a variety of families from all around the region who react to a variety of TV shows from the comfort of their own homes.

In 2018, Sophie appeared on the show alongside her brother Pete. Sophie Sandiford is a prominent retail window dresser who rose to fame after appearing on the TV show Gogglebox. Sandiford has been a cast member of the show since its eleventh season premiered on February 23, 2018. Sophie is a well-known figure in internet media, where she has a devoted following. Sophie Sandiford was born in London, England, on November 3, 1995. Her actual age is 26 years old, as her 27th birthday is only some months away. Let us not discover who Sophie Gogglebox’s Boyfriend is?

Sophie Gogglebox’s Boyfriend

On Friday’s episode of Gogglebox, Sophie Sandiford enthused over her new Irish lover Ben McKeown, revealing for the first time their relationship. Sophie, 24, who co-stars on the Channel 4 show alongside her brother Pete, 26, discussed her new relationship with him after posting a cute photo with him earlier this month. Pete inquired about the new man as they sat with each other, to which she replied, ‘Really good, definitely.’ ‘I’ve got a hunk for myself.’ Sophie then recounted the first meeting between her brother and boyfriend, in which Pete informed Ben he imagined he would be taller.

Sophie Gogglebox's Boyfriend
Sophie Sandiford

Sophie revealed her new lover Ben to her Instagram followers earlier this month in a heartfelt photo. While attending a wedding with her new beau and her brother’s wife, Paige Yeomans, she posed for a glossy photo. Some of the TV stars’ followers went to her Instagram account to praise her new relationship, with one asking, ‘Is Sophie in love?’

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Who is Ben McKeown?

Sophie Sandiford of Gogglebox posted a selfie of herself and her new boyfriend, Ben McKeown, on her Instagram account recently. Ben appears to be in his early thirties, but his precise date of birth is unknown. He’s rumored to be Irish. Sophie Sandiford’s new lover, Ben McKeown, seems to be a relatively unknown figure in the entertainment industry. This is why his true occupation remains a mystery. He appears to work for a corporation or be an entrepreneur; based on his appearance, he may disclose his occupation shortly. Sophie, on the other hand, found a spot in the unscripted TV drama industry and became the center of attention after appearing in the famed British TV unscripted TV drama Gogglebox.

More about Pete and Sophie from Gogglebox

Pete and Sophie are from Blackpool, as the TV show and their accents suggest. They both have day jobs in addition to their rising careers as TV personalities on Gogglebox. Sophie, 24, recently secured a new job after being let off from her retail job at Debenhams. Pete, 26, works in an insurance company. She recently announced on television that she is retraining to become a florist!

Sophie and Pete used to hang out together and post pictures of their nights out on Instagram before the pandemic forced us all to stay home. Pete and Sophie do have two other siblings, a brother named Harry and a sister named Lucy. “The best,” Sophie captioned a photo of them all together on National Sibling Day. The siblings seemed to get along swimmingly, and Pete just posted a photo of them out on the town, captioning it, “The fam.”

Sophie Gogglebox's Boyfriend
Sophie Sandiford And Pete Sandiford

Pete and Sophie On Gogglebox

Sophie has already spoken up about her experience on the show, characterizing it as a “pinch-me moment.” She said they were on TV because her phone was buzzing with new Twitter followers during an interview. On the same note, Pete stated that they are still amazed that they are on the show. A woman approached him and complimented him and Sophie, adding that when people take the time to compliment them, it means a lot to them. According to sources, each family receives the same £1,500 monthly payment. According to one of the show’s insiders, they are paid an allowance, which is then divided among the family members at their discretion.

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