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Who Is Sophie Fergi Dating? The Youtube Star’s Private Life

Sophie Fergi dating
Sophie Fergi cr: Getty Images

Are you curious about who Sophie Fergi is dating? Sophie Fergi is a popular Youtube creator. Moreover, she is known as a cute and lovely person. People find it really incredible that at the age of 14, she already has about 1.6 million subscribers on her youtube channel. Furthermore, Sophie Fergi had first risen to fame when she had acted in Bratz’s TV web series Mani. The TV series had been focused on Sophie Fergi’s former best friend, Piper Rockelle. In the series, she had acted the role of Goth Girl. She had also featured on her former best friend Piper’s TV show as she talked about her Hollywood adventures.

The girl started to walk her path towards stardom, and she ain’t stopping soon. As already said, she has a cute, fun, and quirky personality that has attracted the audience’s attention. Plus, she has always been grateful to her fans since the beginning of her popularity. And fans are very happy to see Sophie grow up in front of their eyes. This makes fans have a deeper connection with the young star. And many have been curious who the teenage star Sophie Fergi is dating. If you want to find out, keep on reading as we will be spilling the tea on her relationship status. Also, we will be filling you in more about her.

Who Is Sophie Fergi Dating?

Right now, Sophie Fergi is reportedly single and is in no relationship. But she had been in a public relationship with a fellow Youtuber Jentzen. The couple had confirmed their break up a few months ago, on the 17th of September in the year 2020. At first, Jentzen had posted a video on his channel explaining why they had broken up. He had claimed that Sophie Fergie’s parents had opposed her relationship with him. But Sophie Fergi disagreed with him. She said that her parents would never do that and will always support her decisions. And had also revealed that she had no hard feelings against her ex-boyfriend.

Sophie Fergi dating

Sophie Fergi and Jentzen cr: Getty Images

Also, it looks like her ex, Jentzen had already moved on. This is because he has confessed his feelings to Elliana Walmsley. And Sophie Fergi had wished him the best. She had no romantic feelings for him anymore, and that she genuinely wishes that his future be nice as a good friend. Also, she has even said that she and Jentzen arent going to reunite anytime soon.

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More About The Young Star

Sophie was born on the 4th of July in the year 200y in Los Angeles, California, US. Since she was ten years old, she had already started writing scripts and stories that helped her increase her talent in content creation. Plus, she had already started to illustrate her scripts and screenplays as well. Moreover, Sophie Fergi was raised up by her mother, Heather Nichole, who is also her manager. It has been quite surprising the amount of creativity and diversity she has been able to create through her channel.  An interesting fact about her is that her favorite actress is Christina Ricci. This is pretty astonishing because Christina Ricci had done most of her iconic roles even before Sophie Fergi was born. Other than Christina Ricci, Sophie Fergi has said that her mom’s friend was one of the greatest inspirations for her to start acting.

Sophie Fergi dating

Sophie Fergi with the Squad cr: Getty Images

Furthermore, Sophie Fergi was part of a content group called The Squad. The Squad consists of content creators like Jentzen, Piper Rockelle, and Lev Cameron. But she has left The Squad for a while by now. And the reason for her departure from the group is unknown as this might have been related to her private life. Other than her mom, we do not have any other family members of her family. We do not know about her father nor whether she has any siblings or not. Sophie Fergi is as active as any kid could be and really enjoys spending time with her friends. All in all, she is a very humble but intelligent content creator on YouTube.

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