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Who is Sofia Franklyn Currently Dating?

Who is Sofia Franklyn?
Sofia Franklyn Credits go to New York Post.

Sofia Franklyn is a radio host born on July 21, 1992, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an online personality with over 759,000 followers on Instagram. Her first post on Instagram was pretty mundane. It was a picture of two margarita glasses on Cinco de Mayo in 2012. Barstool Sports website was the start of her blogging career.

She co-hosted her podcast called “Call Her Daddy,” which was also the fifth most popular podcast in 2020 alongside Alexandra Cooper. She is trending at number 17 as a radio host. Call Her Daddy is a comedy and sex advice podcast created by Sofia and Cooper in 2018. After a dispute with David Portnoy and Barstool Sports in 2020, Sofia Franklyn left the show and created her own podcast “called Sofia with an F.”

Early Life and Career of Sofia Franklyn.

Are Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper still friends?

Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper : Credits go to The New York Times.

Sofia Franklyn is an American podcast host, blogger, and internet personality. She is 28 years old as of now. There is not much information about her family or siblings. Though her graduation was done from the University of Utah and she pursued Economics. After graduation Franklyn serves as a consultant in a company; before fame, she used to work in a financial firm, but she quitted the job because she wanted to unleash her creativity. In 2018 she was associated with “Barstool Sports,” which was a popular pop culture and sports blog.

Sofia Franklyn and her ex-co host Alexandra Cooper met through a mutual friend while they were on vacation in Southwest Festival, Austin. They were indulged in a conversation about sex education, and that is when the idea of starting a podcast came in their way. Franklyn also has her own YouTube channel about a lifestyle that holds around 60,000 subscribers. She is a full-time online content creator now.

Who is Sofia Franklyn dating in 2021?

Are Sofia Franklyn and Peter Nelson still dating?

Sofia Franklyn and Peter Nelson: Credits go to Walikali

As of 2021, it is unclear who Sofia is dating currently. Sofia Franklyn was dating her 28 years boyfriend Peter Nelson; sources have claimed they were in a relationship. Peter Nelson and Sofia Franklyn were seeing each other since 2019. Franklyn apparently referred to Nelson as ‘suit man’ on the podcast in the early 2019s to keep their relationship under the radar. On April 27, 2019, the two were spotted at the 6th Annual Village Fete in Brooklyn, New York. Nelson was acting as a manager to Sofia when she was hosting the podcast Call Her Daddy.

There is gossip going around in the town that Peter Nelson is the main reason behind Sofia Frankly’s quit from the show Call Her Daddy. The feud between Sofia and Cooper was also fueled by Peter. Despite the existing contract with Barstool Sports, Nelson tried to advise the hosts behind the scenes for a new contract. Prompted by Nelson, Sofia asked for a pay rise from Barstool Sports, which was declined.

During this time, “cancel suit man” was trending, and fans took to Twitter to express their disapproval over the fact that Sofia was encouraged by Suit man for more money. Due to controversies and Nelson’s decision to quit his own job as HBO Sports Executive Manager, speculations are that the pair have split up for good. However, there is no official statement regarding the same. Everything is said and learned by a third party, so fans are indeed confused about Sofia Franklyn’s love life.

What is Sofia Franklyn doing in 2021?

Sofia Farnklyn releases her new podcast

Sofia Franklyn, with her new podcast Sofia with an F: Credits, go to What’s Trending.

After the drama that unfolded between her and Barstool Sports regarding the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” Sofia Franklyn is hosting her very own podcast called “Sofia with an F.” She talked about her new contract with Sloot Media on her official Instagram. On September 29, 2020, a promo for the new podcast was released. In her new podcast, Sofia dives into sex education, mental health, personal life, she even addresses the issue involving her, and basically, she talks about everything one does not talk about. Prejudices and taboos removed. The talks of the podcast are completely unfiltered.

“Sofia with an F” has an average rating of 80k. She speaks candidly every Thursday. If you are interested in having a good laugh and an enjoyable podcast session, then check out Sofia Franklyn’s podcast ‘Sofia with an F’ on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.




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