Who is Snitchery’s Boyfriend? The Make Up Artist’s Love Interest & Works

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Today, we will discuss Who is Snitchery’s Boyfriend? What do we know about the professional artist’s works and love life? Starting from the basics, originally known as Eleanor Barnes, she has been interested in makeup since her childhood days. Snitchery has learned several new tips and tricks and focused on how she could make herself look like her favorite characters. To be more precise, she has always been interested in making similar looks to animated characters. In brief, she is a lifelong fan of beauty. Also, she wants to use social media to aware people of mental health care, which is very vital content.

Knowing so much about her interest, people are now interested to learn Who is Snitchery’s Boyfriend? Well, the artist has always stayed tight-lipped about her personal life. She is always focused and determined towards her career, having a particular motive and aim in life. This has made her fans more curious to learn if anything happening is going on in her life.

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Snitchery’s Boyfriend: The Artist’s Love Life

When it comes to her love life, Snitchery seems to be single and isn’t dating anyone at present. The artist has never shared anything about her personal life. Also, she had always been busy with her new ideas, more specifically her work. It seems like Snitchery doesn’t get much time to think about romance or feels like investing emotions in someone romantically. The artist has also not been spotted with anyone to date.

Snitchery's Boyfriend

She has been good friends with Brad Mondo, another hairstylist. Initially, many people assumed him to be her romantic interest. But some of her fans didn’t like him much. The reason behind this hatred was Brad did ruin Snitchery’s hair while bleaching. However, it was his fault for which she had to shave her hair completely. Taking a note of this, Snitchery also shared to her fans that Brad has earlier warned her about the damages of dying hair. Also, she confessed that Brad isn’t an irresponsible hairdresser.

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Snitchery’s Works & Other Details

The versatile artist, Snitchery has been inspired by brightly colored animated characters. With her new experiments with make-up, Snitchery has gained a massive fanbase on social media. On Instagram, she has garnered over 1.1 million followers. Not to forget to mention her Twitter account which goes by her real name, Eleanor, has 582.6K followers today. It was on 5 September 2012, that Snitchery started her Youtube channel and has accumulated around 675K subscribers to date. If you haven’t checked out any of her videos, here is one attached. Her videos are not just educational but also fun to watch.

She has also endorsed several brands like- Amika hair products, Kiss eyelashes, Too Faced cosmetic products, and many more. This has made her more recognized and prominent in the industry. She has stolen the hearts of millions of people with her crazy cool and punk looks and styles.

Snitchery's Boyfriend

Born on 29 September 1996, Snitchery is 25 years old at present. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. At present, she lives in Virginia though, along with her family. Some of her fans have assumed her to have chosen the name from Harry Potter. However, it has nothing to do with it. It’s just a line from a song by Nicki Minaj, from which she got inspired.

As far as her height and weight are concerned, the artist is 5’6” feet tall and weighs 54 Kg respectively. For her studies, she attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, she realized her influencer aspirations. Snitchery’s immense hard work from the very beginning has taken her to such a great place today.

Best Wishes to Snitchery, for the upcoming days of her career! Hoping she reaches more success and achieves all her goals set!

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