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Simon’s Golden Buzzer America’s Got Talent

Who Got Simon's Golden Buzzer In 2021?

America’s Got Talent stepped into its new season, and guess what? In the first ten-episode talented contestant was rewarded with Simon’s Golden Buzzer. On 8th June 2021, a very talented 30 years old young singer named Jane, aka Nightbird, earned Simon’s Golden Buzzer. Jane is a young charming woman. The judges liked her aura. She carried an adorable smile. And a very positive attitude. While she was building a small conversation with the judges, she was asked did she sing to earn her bacon. To which she replied, not in a long time.

Then she was asked what did she do for a living to which she replied that she hadn’t been working because she has been battling Cancer for around three years now. Which makes her an unproductive worker, plus she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life earning currency that she can’t spend. Howie said sorry after they realized that she was sick, but she said it’s okay. She is fine. Which a very beautiful smile on her face.

Simon's Golden Buzzer

Jane Aka Nightbird, Who Is A Cancer Warrior, Got Simon’s Golden Buzzer For Her Outstanding Voice. (Credits: Youtube)

Judges were dumbstruck when they came to know about her health condition. Howie asked her do you have a dream to become a singer, to which she said yes. Then she was asked what song she would be performing today. To which she replied that she would be performing a self-written song called It’s Okay. This song was about her life in the pandemic year.

Jane Aka Nightbird Earned Simon’s Golden Buzzer

After judges came to know about her situation, Simon very respectfully asked her how she is doing now. The Nightbird replied that cancer was still dwelling in her lungs, liver, and spinal cord last time she checked. Everyone was shocked and impressed at the same time. Judges, as well as the viewers, we’re impressed by the spirit of the Nightbird. The Nightbird fights with cancer in the morning and singers her lungs out at night. Howie said to her after knowing her that “Jane, you are not fine then.” To which she replied that she is not fine in every way, but she is fine.

After her conversations with the judge, she got ready for her performance. And before starting her performance, she said, “it’s really important to her that people must know her other than the bad things that happened to her.” When the tune starts, she spread her arms wide, and the night bird spread her wings wide. She was ready to take off.

We are All A Little Lost, And It’s Okay, Said The Nightbird

Nightbird’s song it’s okay was all about her struggle in the pandemic situation and how she kept herself together during her difficult times. And it’s okay for her to fall sick but what was not okay was to deprive herself of the happiness she deserves. Nightbird was there for her audition all by herself, which is a very powerful move. She will inspire so many people who are battling with Cancer.

She will be a new inspiration for every cancer warrior who has given up on their lives. Nightbird lit up the stage with her talent and her spirit. She started crying while she was performing, but she stayed strong, and her smile was intact. Judges teared up during her performance. All the judges, including the audience, gave her a standing ovation after her performance. And Simon just said, “Wow.”

Simon's Golden Buzzer

Nightbird and Simon Shared Some Emotional Moments After She Got The Golden Buzzer. (Credits: YouTube)

Howie said that it’s funny that singers come of America’s Got Talent and think that their art is the most authentic. But Nightbird’s song was the most authentic thing he had seen in the season 2021. Sofia said that her performance was powerful and she is amazing.

How Did Simon Cowell Rewarded Nightbird With The Simon’s Golden Buzzer?

After Jane’s performance, Simon just said, “Wow.” He was running out of words, and He said apart from everything, America’s Got Talent has many good singers in the season 2021, and he wouldn’t be able to say yes. But he said he had something for her. And Simon pulled the Golden Buzzer for the cancer warrior Nightbird. She started crying, and she said there is only a 2% chance of her survival, but 2% is better than zero.

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