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Shep Rose is Dating Taylor Inn, Did Something Change After The Affair?

Who Is Shep Rose Dating
Who Is Shep Rose Dating

Shep Rose and Taylor Inn are dating for a year now. The couple seemed to be in mad love until Shed came clean about this affair. He confessed that he was cheating on Taylor. Although they kept their relationship lowkey, they opened up about their love in the year 2020. The couple appeared in an interview together, and they talked about how serious they were for each other. Shed said, “We were dating for a few months, and then COVID popped up, and quarantine happened, so we became like a wedded couple after like three months. It felt like a honeymoon period for a couple like us.

“There’s that whole thing about COVID, and the lockdown has broken so many relationships. But with Shep and Taylor, It didn’t. It strengthened their relationship.” He said, “They cared about each other a complete time we were isolated together.

Is Shep Rose Dating Taylor Still Together?

Shep Rose.

Whenever She wanted to have fun, all he wanted to do is make her laugh and have fun with her. It’s not a tense relationship, and that kind of centers everything.” To which Taylor replies, And yes, Shep has considered becoming a one-woman man for the long haul. “Yeah, of course, he has imagined living that way. It’s an endless thing.”

Shep added to the statement, “She’s marvelous, and he will do anything to keep her near him. But again, yes, he has been single for a long, long time. He has never been a one-woman man, so it feels like filling the blanks with the same answer. That is Taylor.

Yes To Love, No To Loyalty: Shep Cheated On Tylor

In an interview, Shep claims to be a one-woman man, but it turns out he is everything rather than an honest person as he admits that he cheated Taylor even after he claimed to love her. Not cool, Shep.

Brought to light that Shep was cheating on Taylor after his fellow castmates cheered him on settling down with his girlfriend throughout the Season 7 reunion special, Shep revealed his secret by stating, “We had a few hiccups,” before also writing, “There were some text messages.” Then begin pushed further into the conversation, he was asked, “You made out with a girl?” To which Shep replied, “He kissed a girl in a stairwell, and that’s all it was.”

He further explained himself by saying, “It was an old flame, and we were texting. And nothing ever developed of it.” He claims that it was a moment of weakness; He was drinking, but that’s all it was, and he went to his grave understanding that that’s true.”

Austen Kroll On Shep’s Cheating Status: Why Did Taylor Forgiver Her?

On being asked how did Taylor react to the specific event, he replied that. She hates what happened, and it hurts her a lot. However, she would like to stay with me. Because she is in love with me. He added by saying I make her happy. The couple also shared emotional vulnerability, and they called it a big deal.

What Was Taylor's Reaction After She Found Out Shep Was Cheating On Her?

Shep And Taylor Together.

Austen Kroll appreciated Shep for being, but meanwhile, he made a very valid point that said, “You are honest with her. That doesn’t mean that you were loyal to her.” Leva Bonaparte was less than impressed. She added a comment by saying You all romanticize cheating,” she shot back as Madison, 30, Kathryn Dennis, and even extended their support to her statements.

Shep quickly denied doing so, telling the cast that the incident strengthened his relationship with Taylor. No wonder how toxic a relationship could be that is strengthened by cheating. 

Will A Union Resolve Shep’s Cheating Issue?

Shep was asked in one of her interviews if he is planning to put a ring on it? He replied that he has pretty great examples to look upon when it comes to a successful marriage. However, he is not ready for it right now. He also added to his statement that Taylor makes it so easy that he thinks that he knows that he is in the right situation, and it’s easy. She makes it easy because she’s so kind and lovely. And she makes everyone around her feel good. And that’s just like a really good, really good trait. Shep and Taylor are still together looking for a happily ever after.

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