Who is Ryan Noc’s Girlfriend? His Current Partner

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ryan noc dating

Who is Ryan Noc’s Girlfriend? Similarly, like ex-wife Chan Ryan too, found the love of his life post one year of marriage, the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematic was married to Sylvia Chan until the last year. Due to the growing differences and lack of space, the pair decided to put an end to their decade-long marriage. Chan was 16 years of age when Ryan met her for the first time. The two were working on a modeling assignment. In 2015 when Chan appeared in an interview, she revealed her connection with Ryan and also what made her fall for her. Ryan had helped her confront her ex, who owned Chan’s money. Ryan Noc is officially dating social media influencers currently.

Ryan is the COO that is Chief Operation officer, whereas his ex-wife was CEO of the Night Owl Cinematics. The two founded the company. Ryan is a YouTuber with around 990,000 subscribers. After one year of his separation with wife, Chan Ryan is officially dating a social media influencer. The 32-year-old has made his relationship official in public. On and off, the two have been spotted together with their cute puppy. So let’s look at who Ryan Noc is currently dating. And yes, if you have been looking for Sylvia Chan’s dating history, you can refer to my previous article.

ryan noc dating
Cherylene & Ryan

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Who is Ryan Noc’s Girlfriend?

Ryan Noc is dating 21-year-old Cherylene Chan. Well, few months following his divorce from his ex-wife Ryan found the love of his life in a social media influencer. Yes! Ryan Noc is officially dating a 21-year-old girl. Last year he ended his marriage with his wife, Sylvia Chan. He was married to her for almost a decade, but the two lacked personal space in their life and had a lot of differences. This was the reason they had to put an end to their marriage. The duo had tied the knot officially in 2010.

Chan, too found the love of her life after her divorce. She is yet to reveal his name. But Ryan didn’t keep anything confidential about his new girlfriend. Ryan Noc is dating 21-year-old Cherylene Chan. The pair met in real life and not through any social media or dating apps. The pair recently got a lot of media attention after they posted a photo with Mantou Honey. Well, Mantou Honey is their new pet. Ryan’s current girlfriend is part of Titan Digital Media. The organization is owned by Jian Hao Tan, a Singaporean.

Cherylene is part of Class 1T5, which is a series of videos about school-going kids played by grown-up girls. Ryan’s girlfriend was a scholar during her time in school. She completed her education at the Tao Nan School and later joined the Tanjong Katong Girl’s school. She also has a diploma degree in marketing at Temasek Polytechnic. Cherylene has not stopped with her education. Currently, she is pursuing her management degree from Singapore Management University. Her field of interest is Finance, Management, and marketing. Since her teenage Cherylene has been taking part in pageants beauty competitions.

ryan noc dating
Cherylene & Ryan

More about Cherylene & Ryan’s Career

Similar to Ryan, his girlfriend Cherylene has to love pets. Two years back, she bought her Hammy home. Hammy is a cute little hamster. She is very close to her Hammy. She celebrates his birthday, pampers him, and also made a wooden house for him. When it comes to food, Ryan’s girlfriend loves fried chicken. Dieting and exercise are something she stays away from. She loves hanging out at Marina Bay Sands. Cherylene has followers more than 119k on Instagram. When a Mothership Reporter was caught prying into his personal life, he was left disappointed and shared an IG story with the screenshot of the messages he got from the reporter.

Born on August 1, 1988, Ryan is currently 33 years old. He completed his education at the Kent Ridge Secondary School. His parent’s problematic relationship had a bad effect on his studies. He was arrested once when he was caught with a gang. Following that, he joined the Institute of Technical Education. Initially, he used to run a food and beverage franchise in New York. She also founded the Shi Wei Tian at Joo Chiat Place. It was closed down later after facing manpower issues. He later ventured into the photography field at his ex-wife’s suggestion.

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