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Who is Ryan Newman Dating? His Married Life & Children

Ryan Newman, the racing driver, also known as the Rocket Man, is trending on the internet as everyone is keen to Who is Ryan Newman dating? As far as we know, he is a one-woman man. But you never know when the stardom and the lights of glamour can make you blind. And trash turns into treasure and all the glitters into gold. He has been an honest man towards his profession and himself. His name has never been caught in any controversy, and he leads a very simple life even though he is a billionaire. The world might calculate his net worth from the dollars in his account, but what makes him actually worthy is the simplicity he carries in his heart.

Ryan Newman stepped into his racing career in 1993 in the United Midget All- American Midget Series and Auto Racing Association, getting both Rookie of the Year and the championship. His 100 feature wins. He even rewarded himself with two titles in the Quarter Midget Hall of Fame. Moving to USAC in 1995, appearing the C.E. Lewis No. 39 Drinan Chassis powered Brayton Motor. He was ROTY repeatedly in both the Silver Crown and Midget Series.

Who is Ryan Newman dating?

Ryan Newman With His Ex-Wife Krissie. (Credits: NBC)

In 1999, Ryan was the first driver to win in all three categories while being the Silver Bullet Series titleholder in the No. 14 Beast Chassis-powered Chevy. He met with a deadly accident, but he recovered and came back even more strong.

Ryan Newman, The Rocket Man, Has Been Married Once

Ryan Newman has been married to Krissie Newman for 16th years. The couple met each other in 2001, but unfortunately, they parted ways in 2004. The couple met each other very romantically. They met each other on a blind date. Blind dates were in fashion at that point in time, and the racer thought of giving it a shot. And both of them ended up falling in love with each other.

It is often said that on blind dates and dating apps, you can’t find true love, but Ryan and Krissie prove the world wrong by walking down the aisle after dating for four years after meeting on a blind date. Maybe at times, it is good to be blinded by the lights. In this way, we can see that Ryan shows a future with Krissie so bright that he was ready to give it all. The couple shared two beautiful daughters.

Ryan and Krissie are some of the most philanthropists couples in the racing world industry. They devote chuck of their income to charity work. They both collectively operate Rescue Ranch. It is a charitable organization whose aim is to promote and respect all animals and agricultural, environmental, and wildlife conservation through its education.

And facilitates reconstruction, rescue, and responsible pet ownership to enhance the human-animal bond. The Newmans themselves have protected and cared for five dogs: Stockings, Dunkin, Fred, Jasmine, and Hollow. They are also the proud possessors of an orange feline named Benjamin Ries-Roncalli, after the famous ex-driver. In the pandemic year, the couple announced that they are filing for a divorce. But they will stay friends and will take care of their daughter. Ryan announced his divorce by a tweet where he said he is ending his 16 years of marriage.

Who is Ryan Newman Dating? Apparently, We Were Wrong To Say That Ryan Is One Woman Man…

Ryan Newman is not dating anyone because he is already taken by her two beautiful daughters. Fans have often seen him hanging out with her daughters, posting about them, talking about them. We can say that his life revolves around his daughters, and no other woman can seek his attention. He once appeared on a television show named American pickers that too because he was buying bumper cars for his children.

And we were wrong to say he is a one-woman man because he is a father of two daughters whom he loves more than anything. His official Instagram account only features 3C’s: his cars, his children and his Cola. He is an amazing father, and he never fails to prove that. Sorry ladies, Ryan Newman, is busy raising his children. Better luck next time.

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