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Who Is Ryan Giggs’s Ex-Wife Dating? Stacey Cooke Seen With Max George

Who is Ryan Giggs' ex-wife dating?
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Ryan Giggs, who is 47-years-old, is a former football player and a Welsh football coach, was highly devoted to Manchester United in his whole career. He is one of the greatest players of his generation. Giggs is active in football since a very young age. After a huge active career, Ryan was named as Manchester’s permanent management player and replaced by Moyes. Giggs also holds the record of most competitive appearances that accounts for 963 in number. He also retired from the game on 10th May 2014, which was the same day when he permanently replaced Moyes. At the international level, Giggs hailed from Wales National team 64 times. After 2007, he became captain of the Great Britain team that played in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Giggs is among the 28 players who made 1000 appearances in his career.

Ryan Giggs is one of the most respected players of his generation. People from the current generation also know about his legacy. But his personal life is not that much-hailed as much as his professional life. Ryan’s related controversies are so filthy that they have led to broken ties from his family. Ryan’s marriage was dissolved in 43 seconds with his ex-wife Stacey Cooke. Moreover, he also had numerous affairs while he was married to Stacey. However, there is something more interesting about his ex-wife, Stacey. The couple applied for divorce in 2016 and were finally divorced in 2016. Giggs and Stacey share two children who were born in Salford and grew in Worsley.

Stacey’s life is currently more interesting, and she is also dating someone present.

Who is Ryan Giggs' ex-wife dating?

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Who is Ryan Giggs’ ex-wife dating?

Stacey Cooke was a free bird in 2017. She got divorced from Ryan and was free from her long-term marriage. Stacey’s life started getting decorated again when she met Max George through mutual buddies in 2018. The duo came out in 2019 as an official couple. Max is blessed to have her, and every time he has an interview, he always praises Stacey, no matter what. He has also tattooed Stacey’s name on his wrist ever since they are going strong. The 31-year-old Max George is known for his work in “The Wanted.” Although Max is a very secretive person, he has open up about a lot of things with Stacey. He has a lot of serious things that include marriage and both children.

Who is Stacey Giggs dating?

In October, Max said that his relationship with Stacey is one of the best relationships he ever had with someone. Max also said that his relationship gets more exciting and fun every day.

Day by day, they got more closer to each other, as Max said. He said that Stacey is his world and her two children are also a very important part of that world. Further, Max said that moving in with Stacey was the best decision he ever took. They also brought a house of £1.5million together in early 2020. Despite an age gap of a decade between them, Max said that he had not been a move-in with Stacy if he did not see a future with her. Stacey was planning to hunt a house before she met Max. But things became more clear after she met him and now they are living together in the same for a year.

Why did Ryan and Stacey have a divorce?

Ryan was involved in an affair of eight years with his own brother’s wife, Natasha. Rhodri, who is the brother of Ryan, said that their mother has not spoken to Rhodri since the day truth came out. Ryan’s mother took Ryan’s side as he is the super player, said Rhodri. The ugly truth has broken the family apart. Moreover, Rhodri also revealed that in 2011, Ryan and Natasha tried to convince him that it was just sex and meant nothing.

Natasha and Ryan previously dated in 2003 secretly. She got married to his brother Rhodri in 2010. Ryan and Natasha’s affair’s secret came out in 2011. She then filed for divorce in 2013, whereas Ryan and Stacey ended things in 2017. Ryan also cheated on Stacey with Imogen Thomas. Moreover, he approached to reconcile with Stacey because he was a major contribution to their bank balance. But, now, Stacey is happier and living in a healthy relationship with Max George.

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