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Who is Ronda Rousey Dating in 2021? Is The UFC Star With Someone?

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

Ronda Jean Rousey has been winning our hearts at the UFC competitions for quite some while now, and we can not get enough of her. She is an American wrestler and has many awards under her name for her occupation. The talented wrestler is very popular among aspiring wrestlers for being a rockstar at the WWE championships and acts as a major motivation. Her fans popularly address the star by her nickname, that is, Rowdy. It was provided to her after the late professional wrestler named Roddy Piper. Ronda has even established herself as the first American woman to win an Olympics medal in judo.

She was awarded a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. You guys should know that, till this point in time, Ronda is the only woman to have won a championship in both UFC as well as WWE and the whole nation is proud of her, honestly. Now, for quite some time, the media has been going fanatic over her dating life and assuming every personal detail about her. Thus today, we decided to address all these facts regarding her personal life and what is true and what is fake. Here we have wrapped up all the details about Ronda Rousey’s dating life as well as career and even covered her current relationship.

Who is Ronda Rousey Is Dating in 2021?

Ronda is currently married to Travis Browne and if you want to know the timeline of their relationship, keep reading. So first of all, you guys should know that Ronda used to date Brenden Schaub for a while, who is also a UFC fighter. Later, she broke things with him and started to date Travis Browne. At the time they first started their romance, Ronda knew Travis was still married. Then in October of 2015, Travis stepped up and confirmed in front of the world that she and Rousey were together. One of the happiest moments in her life was seen by Ronda’s fans when she married Travis later in Hawaii in 2017, which is also Travis’s home state. They were engaged earlier that year in New Zealand. During one of his media sessions, he revealed that he planned the perfect proposal for Ronda. While the couple was in New Zealand, he popped the question of marriage under a waterfall with a massive diamond ring. He said of all places that location felt like the best one. As of right now, Ronda is a stepmother to the two sons of Browne.

Who is Ronda Rousey Is Dating in 2021?

Ronda Rousey with Husband Travis Browne

Later as they were through their marriage, Travis Browne started having some legal issues with his ex-wife, who claimed domestic violence from him. This surely affected his career in the middle when Ultimate Fighting Championship decided to remove him from the International Fight Week Events. When the issue got too serious, UFC dived deeper into the matter and conducted a thorough search on the wrestler. Later, he was welcomed back into the UFC because their team found no concrete evidence against him. On the other hand, his ex-wife, when asked about why she did not put charges against Travis, had the weirdest answer for a woman who has been abused. Webb said that she did not want his children to be taken away from their father or even negatively affect the career of Travis at UFC.

Ronda Rousey Career

It was a big moment back in 2018 for Ronda when UFC Hall of Fame inducted her. All her fans went nuts over this excellent news. Apart from her career as a vigilante fighter, Ronda has done some films in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in films such as Expendables 3 as well as Fast and Furious 7. WWE was something that Ronda rocked for approximately 3 years, ranging from 2014 to 2017, and later joined the company. Many other awards were garnered in her name, such as the Raw Women’s Champion back in 2018 when she started her first reign.

Who is Ronda Rousey Is Dating in 2021?

Ronda Rousey

At this point in time, we can conclude that Ronda Rousey is a true inspiration to all the woman who is having issues with their body image. In one of her interviews, she revealed how she was bullied because of her looks and strong muscles. Ronda said that her fellow mates at school would call her Miss Man, and this was the reason for her low self-esteem. But as she grew up and found her passion and what she loves, those absurd comments from the people around her stopped making sense. Ronda said she feels beautiful in her own skin and is happy with the way her life has worked out for her.

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