Who Is Rachel Ballinger Dating? Her Love Life Unveiled

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YouTube has been an open platform for new talents, especially for the youth. We have speculated a lot of new people get popularity from YouTube. One such YouTube personality is Rachel Ballinger. She opened her first Instagram account on September 25, 2006, and posted her first video on June 5, 2007, on her YouTube channel then named ‘NOVAQUA’. She now renamed her YouTube channel ‘MissRBaller’. She also maintains another YouTube channel and appears in another YouTube channel of her siblings, The Ballinger Family.

Who Is Rachel Ballinger Dating?
Rachel Ballinger

She is the part of a YouTube series, ‘You Know What Pisses Me Off?’ The series focuses on daily life stupid things she hears people saying, portrayed in a comic way. The series became very popular because of its comic timings and relatable content. She complains about how people state their unnecessary opinions and adds “You Choose” to them. And also how much it pisses her. She used to upload the episodes on Tuesday and Thursday and it aired in the year 2013. She still uploads a few episodes rarely which includes sexist comments.

More Facts About Rachel, Including Her Family-

Rachel Ballinger is born on April 5, 1991, in Santa Barbara, California, Unites States of America. She has three other siblings and is the youngest among the four Ballinger siblings. She belongs from a YouTube family as her older sister Colleen Ballinger and two twin brothers—Trent and Chris Ballinger all are YouTubers and have a decent amount of following on their YouTube channel. Her brother Chris is also a magician. Till seventh grade she was homeschooled, then she completed her graduation from Azusa Pacific University. She was a member of her college flag football team and also took interest in the CIA when she was young, and wanted to be a spy. She is also an animal lover and had recently adopted a dog, and is also a fitness freak.

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Who Is Rachel Ballinger Dating?
Rachel with her siblings

In 2014, she worked as her elder sister’s road manager and personal assistant, and she continued for two years. She also felt the need to focus on her own YouTube career, though it did not bring any change in their relationship and they continue to meet each other. They even post vlogs together and collaborate with each other. Rachel’s YouTube channel has a million subscribers and she gained 572 million views in total.

Who Is Rachel Ballinger Dating?
Rachel and her older sister, Colleen

Rachel also wrote and published her book 101 Things That Piss Me Off in 2017 and also announced the book tour dates. She then opened another YouTube channel vlogs named Rachel Vlogs which is solely for her vlogs. She is also active in her Instagram account where she has 1.1 million followers and 546k followers on Twitter.

Apart from her famous YouTube series ‘You Know What Pisses Me Off?’ in 2013, she uploaded another series Rachel’s Room and has fifty episodes in it so far. In the series, she answers the questions her fans ask in her different social media accounts. She also uploads Truth or Dare videos, especially on Sundays. Though she does not upload that on a regular basis now.

Her next YouTube series was Learning Sundays, where she chooses one of the topics to send by her fans and elaborates them in each of her videos. She till now has talked on topics like laundry, driving, shaving, CPR, and sexual education, which are sensitive topics and need to be talked about. She herself revealed in a video that she uploads Learning Sundays videos when she can find no other content for her channel. Her next series was, Random Tuesdays/Thursdays where she uploads random content, and most of the time she presents her creativity and science experiments.

Before Rachel Vlogs happened she used to upload vlogs in the other channel where her vlogs mostly featured her sister, family, and friends. Her videos prove that she is a complete family person and loves to spend time with her family.

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She undoubtedly has a successful YouTube career and her estimated net worth is $1.2 million.

Her Past Dating Life

Who Is Rachel Ballinger Dating?
Rachel and her ex-boyfriend, Matt

Though she does not prefer keeping her dating life in the public eye yet she occasionally posted pictures with her then-boyfriend Matt, who sometimes got featured in her vlogs. They met through a mutual friend and started dating in 2013. They broke up in the middle and started dating again in 2014. In December 2020, fans doubted through a TikTok video her sister posted, that the couple broke up their eight-year-long relationship.

Who Is Rachel Ballinger Dating Now?

Rachel and her supposedly mysterious girlfriend

Rachel Ballinger came out as gay in her recent video in 2021. Rachel previously took part in a test where it determines she is gay or not. She also answered her fan’s questions about her sexuality. Being the private person she is, her fans have speculated that she might be already dating someone. She received immense support from her fans and they leave her positive messages on her social media

She indirectly confirmed having a girlfriend and she is seen secretly appearing in Rachel’s Instagram posts. Her face neither her name is known to people but it is rumored that her girlfriend’s name might be Joy, who often gets tagged on Rachel’s Instagram. But a lot of people think she is just a friend and her girlfriend is a different person.

Her girlfriend is still not known and until she reveals her girlfriend we have to wait and hope they last long.

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