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Who Is Pilot Pete Dating? The Bachelor Alum Opens Up About His Dating Life

American television personality Peter Weber gained worldwide prominence after being part of The Bachelorette. Weber went on to become the star of the Bachelor season 24. While his time on the show gained enough attention, it was after the show that he gained more media attention. Peter Weber was in a relationship with Kelly Flanagan but soon announced a split just after a few months. While the two announced a split with an excellent post on social media, the breakup was followed by some significant post-breakup drama.

The two continue to throw shade at each other. Moreover, Kelly Flanagan has made some shocking revelations about The Bachelor alum. When it comes to relationships, Peter Weber has a tumultuous timeline with two failed engagements and a relationship that went on to end on a wrong note. Kelly Flanagan is not holding back when it comes to spilling the beans of their relationship and what exactly went wrong between the two. The feud between the former flames is getting all the more intense with time.

Who Is Pilot Pete Dating?

After a messy split with Kelly Flanagan, it seems like The Bachelor is currently single! When asked about his current relationship status, Weber said that he is not seriously dating, but instead, he would like to meet new people. He further added that his sole focus is to have a good time and to build his community.

Pilot Pete

While talking about his past relationship, Weber admitted that he chased relationships for a little bit too long. However, the former Bachelor star is optimistic about his love life and still believes he’ll find his person one day. He says that he is all about having faith in the world that his person is out there. Weber thinks that they are going to have a beautiful, beautiful life together. The right woman is just out there!

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Kelly Flanagan And Peter Weber Throws Major Shade At Each Other!

The whole Kelly-Peter drama is not seeing an end soon! Their post-breakup drama is continuing to grab eyeballs as the blame game goes on! After Kelly Flanagan admitted that she asked Peter to get out of her life and lose her number, The Bachelor lead said his side of the story in the Bachelors In The City podcast. Peter Weber called his ex out by saying that her statements are calculated and disingenuous. Peter also admitted that he did expect this from Kelly, and it completely caught him off guard. Take a look at this interview.

While questioning the authenticity of her statements, Weber implies that these were just a push for a headline! Kelly recently posted a video while assessing this allegation, saying that saying these without knowing the reason is crazy!  Kelly earlier stated that the relationship ended very badly, and she had to step up in order to draw a healthy boundary that she needed. She had to show some enough love and asked Peter to step out of her life once for all. Peter Weber is giving a whole new story!

Peter Weber’s Split With Kelly Flanagan Is Getting Messy!

Peter and Kelly’s split is getting messier with time, the two started seeing each other after Peter’s failed relationship with Madison and Hannah Ann Suss. However, Kelly recently spilled the beans, and it is looking bad! While she did not disclose much detail, Flanagan did imply that she was disrespected in the relationship. Hannah later threw some major shade on her ex by saying that his relationship with Kelly sounds a bit sneaky. She also added that now little things like this cannot drag her down.

Pilot Pete

Believe it or not, but Flanagan revealed that Peter announced their breakup on New Year’s Eve! Despite asking him to wait a few days, he went on to do that and again thought of rekindling things on Valentine’s Day. Peter Weber did mention in the post that the split happened as they were two very different people. Peter has been facing some difficult times when it comes to his love life.

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