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Who Is Paul Wesley Dating? The Famous Actor Love Life Revealed

Who Is Paul Wesley Dating?
Who Is Paul Wesley Dating?

Today we will be talking about Paul Wesley dating. Is he single or married? You might remember Paul Wesley from the horror fiction teen drama series by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson “The Vampire Diaries” as Stefan Salvatore. Paul Wesley is married since 2019 to Inés de Ramón. And they are quite a secretive couple, as they even got married without drawing much attention to themselves.  Paul Wesley is the recipient of the Young Hollywood, and Teen Choice awards and his 29-year-old wife is a woman that likes to keep things to herself. But we will share the little public information with you further down this post.

Paul Wesley is Ines de Ramón’s current husband. The couple got married in a clandestine fashion in 2019. She is a health nutrition coach and speaks French, Italian, Spanish, English, and German. On another point, Ines de Ramón is Paul Wesley’s third wife, as the Hollywood actor was married once before —twice. But let’s get back to Paul as we also will cover his net worth in this post as well as the actor’s successful career in the entertainment industry. Now, join us as we give you our scoop here at Otakukart, where we post daily updates on your favorite Hollywood stars.

Who is Paul Wesley Dating? The Famous Actor Love Life Revealed

Paul Wesley Dating and Happily married to Inés de Ramón. Paul Wesley is a New Jersey-born actor in Hollywood, known for his role in The Vampire Diaries, a horror teen drama. And since 2019, he is married to Inés de Ramón. So far, there are no infidelity reports on this couple. As for Inés, she’s a very private woman. She is a polyglot speaking Italian, French, German, English nutrition health coach. Back to Paul now, on the language section, he speaks English and Polish. So this couple communicates in English. Additionally, they married in a private ceremony without any press.

Paul Wesley Wife Net Worth

Inés de Ramón was born in the United States in 1992; her net worth rounds about the US $2 million, and the bulk of her income seems to come from her work as a health coach and social media influencer work. Additionally, Inés studied at the prestigious University of Geneva. On another point, let’s talk about Inés interests and hobbies. Firstly her main hobby is traveling, and she loves going to Miami, Florida. Secondly, she is a Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hanks freak, as she likes all of their movies. But what about Paul Wesley? What is his net worth? Read the next paragraph to find out!

who is paul wesley dating

Who is Paul Wesley Dating?

Paul Wesley’s net worth rounds about north of six million dollars. And his main source of income comes from acting. While Paul’s bulk of income comes from his acting career, did you know that Paul and his buddy from the Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder started a Bourbon whiskey company named “Brother’s Bond Bourbon”; apparently, Paul likes the spirit a lot and now invested some cash into the venture. Brother’s Bond Bourbon is an alcoholic beverage for the Vampire Diaries franchise crowd. Rum-guzzling vampires in The CW? Why not? Riverdale could be edgier with Veronica Lodge’s speakeasy for teens.

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As for his dating history, Paul was once married to Vicky de Torro and then divorced her and also was romantically involved with Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin (you might remember her from her role as Hayley Marshall in The CW series Paul works at, the Vampire Diaries), but that thing lasted for a short period of time. And now Paul Wesley is off the books for the single ladies out there wishing to catch his heart because he married Inés de Ramón back in 2018 and remains with her. Good for Paul and Inés! Keep reading our scoop on Paul Wesley here at Otakukart!

Who is Paul Wesley Dating?

Wesley never dated Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev, as he married Ines de Ramon in 2018

Paul Wesley Acting Career Details

Paul Wesley began working small gigs at the television in the early 200s. He played roles for different networks like CBS and ABC and was cast in many shows like Smallville, 24, 8 Simple Rules, and The O.C. Then, in 2009 his career took off when he was cast on the role of Stefan Salvatore for the Vampire Diaries. It was from his work in the Vampire Diaries that he was once rumored to be romantically involved with fellow colleague actress Nina Dobrev. But you will be surprised when you learn that those two only talk to each other out of courtesy. But not the kind of rivalry Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd would have in “Moonlighting.” That’s a wrap on our Paul Wesley life scoop.

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