Who is Ncuti Gatwa’s Current Girlfriend? The Actor’s Love Interest

Today, we shall discuss Who is Ncuti Gatwa’s Current Girlfriend? What do we know about the actor’s love interest and notable works? Starting from the basics, Mizero Ncuti Gatwa gained quite a prominence for his role as Eric Effong in the series Sex Education. Last year, his film titled The Last Letter From Your Lover got released, gaining huge game. Besides this, some of Ncuti’s other television works include- Stonemouth, Doctor Who, etc. To date, because of his versatile performances, Ncuti has been the recipient of various awards like the Royal Television Society Awards, BAFTA Scotland, National Comedy Awards, and many more.

Knowing the details of some of his hit works, fans are interested to learn what’s going on in the actor’s personal life. Recently, Ncuti hasn’t been pictured with anyone and that is making the fans wonder more about his girlfriend. However, earlier, this actor was reported to have been romantically linked with Jessica Hardwick. But, what’s now? Let’s dig deeper to learn more about Ncuti Gatwa’s Current Girlfriend.

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Ncuti Gatwa’s Current Girlfriend: The Actor’s Love Interest

When we talk about Ncuti Gatwa’s Current Girlfriend, he doesn’t appear to have any, at present. The actor seems to be pretty single and is assumed to be enjoying his singlehood. In recent days, he hasn’t been spotted with anyone suspicious. That’s the reason why it is a bit difficult to be exact about his relationship status. However, his social media accounts also do not provide any hint that highlights Ncuti is dating someone at present. Also, it feels like he doesn’t want to rush anything and be focused more on his career.

Ncuti Gatwa's Current Girlfriend
Ncuti Gatwa

After watching the series Sex Education, some people have been wondering if Ncuti’s sexual orientation is the same as the way he played. In case you are not aware, Eric (his character) has been quite open about his interest in men and eventually falls in love with the school’s bully, Adam Groff. However, the actor hasn’t talked about his sexual orientation in real life, specifically.

But, in an interview, he said that people wrongly expect him to be like Eric. So, we can assume that he is interested only in women. Also, his past reported romance with Jessica also highlights his sexual orientation to be not like Eric’s. Briefly, we may say Ncuti Gatwa is very secretive when it comes to his personal life. His fans are going crazy to learn if someone has stolen his heart.

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Career & Others

Besides learning the details of Ncuti Gatwa’s Current Girlfriend, fans are curious to learn more about the actor himself. Born on 15 October 1992, makes Ncuti is 29 years old at present. He was born in Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda. You may follow Ncuti on his Instagram account, holding more than 2.6 million followers as of now. The actor is very much active on the said platform and very often posts pictures.

Ncuti Gatwa's Current Girlfriend
Ncuti Gatwa

Talking about his career, Ncuti Gatwa has also been nominated for three BAFTA Television Awards for portraying the role of Eric in such a great way in Sex Education. Some of his noteworthy works include- Horrible Histories: The Movie- Rotten Romans, Bob Servant, Doctor Who, etc. You will be happy to know that Ncut is currently busy shooting his upcoming film, Barbie. Also, his television work titled Masters of the Air is to be released soon. This year, he has provided his voice for the role of Valentin Manzi in the video game, which goes by the name Grid Legends.

Ncuti is very successful in his professional life. His efforts in playing different characters differently are very much prominent each time. At this young age, Ncuti has achieved quite a lot and is looking forward to winning more, not just on the fame basis but also as an actor.

Best Wishes to Ncuti Gatwa for his upcoming releases. Hoping he finds his better half-real soon.

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