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Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating, Is She Not With Metul Shah Anymore?

Who Is Naomi Olindo Dating
Who Is Naomi Olindo Dating

Here, we will see Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating. seems like Southern Charm star Naomie Olindo has been making headlines for a controversial reason! After fans witnessed her finding her Prince Charming in the form of Dr. Metul Shah, the two were all set to move in and start a new life together! However, their Paradise has fallen and is heading towards a shocking split. With allegations of infidelity and more, the pair has finally called it quits, and the reality television star has already moved away while revealing it all.

The reality television star recently took to social media while making the big announcement, and fans are still in shock as the two have been going around for three long years. Naomie Olindo has thanked fans for their constant support and love during this devastating time. The star earlier went on record to say that she is convinced that Metul is the one. She also added how Metul is very supportive, but the whole reality television is not his thing. This might explain why Naomie had second thoughts before showing her real-life romance on screen.  Let us find out all about Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating. 

Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating?

Naomie Olindo is single and seems to be enjoying her singlehood. The stunner has recently called it quits with her former beau Metul Shah. Olindo took to social media while insinuating that Metul has cheated on her and she wishes no one has to for through the pain. Moreover, she compares the betrayal to the second most hurtful thing after losing her father.

Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating

Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating

Metul Shah is yet to confirm these growing allegations and his being unfaithful. However, fans have been backlashing him while the doctor is coming under fire for breaking Naomie’s heart! The star, however, has urged fans to not backlash him as she will dealing with the situation in a mature way.

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Did Naomie Olindo Dated Craig Conover?

Naomie Olindo earlier dated reality television star, Craig Conover. The two started seeing each other from the start of the third season as he introduced his new girlfriend to the group. The two were quite serious while involved in a whirlwind romance at the beginning of their relationship. However, the parasite soon hit a few rocky bumps, and cracks in their relationship started to deteriorate. By the time the production for season 4 began, the pair have already called it quits. The couple was completely done for good by the time that the reunion came around.

Craig later admitted that he was a hundred percent depressed by the end of the relationship. The star further admitted that he living in shambles, and that’s how she was feeling too. It was so bad that he had to get away from it all. Soon after a bit of traveling Conover healed and was able to see his way through the pain while he made some necessary changes in his life. He has been over the relationship while moving on for good. 

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Is Naomie Olindo Going To Be Back With Metul Shah?

While the Southern Charm star has been involved in a controversial split as her former partner has allegedly cheated on her, Naomie has made it quite clear that she is not getting back with her ex no matter what! She has further stated that she has enough self-respect and would not be going back to rekindle her relationship any further. Naomie’s Ex man Craig once threw major shade at his former flame as she stated that Metul might be the one for her.

Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating

Who Is Naomie Olindo Dating

The reality television star Naomie Olindo is receiving immense support from her fans and her girl pals as she navigated her life through his difficult time. Moreover, Helen Hall same to be fuelling cheating speculations when she shared a video of her and Naomi jamming to the lyrics of Carrie Underwood’s popular track Before He Cheats. It seems like that was a way the girl pals subtly threw shade at former flame Metul Shah.

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