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Who is Michael Rainey Jr. Dating? The Power Star’s Romantic Timeline

Who is Micheal Rainey Jr? dating
Michael Rainey Jr.(Image via Getty)

Michael Rainey Jr., agreeably known as Tariq, is a 20 years old emerging Hollywood star. He has ruled the entertainment industry for almost a decade commencing from a very young age. Turning on his career with the PBS show Sesame Street, he has come a long way. Today he is amongst the TV’s most-watched characters because of his exceptional performance in the famous TV series of Power Franchise. Coming from a Jamaican background, this hardworking actor has achieved a lot at a very tender age.

He started up doing some TV commercials but got a big break with the Italian film ‘Un Altro Mondo’.Michael also got featured in Netflix’s famous series, Orange Is the New Black. His other accomplishments entail ‘LUV’, ‘The Butler’, ‘Amateur’, ‘Second chance Christmas’, and ‘211’.He is yet to achieve fresh milestones. His success has made people inquisitive to know about his personal and professional life. If we talk about his ventures, his dating life is among the slam list. I guess we all want to know who Michael Rainey is dating at the moment? Of course, right! So let us kick start with our breakdown.

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The Power Star’s Personal life in 2021

Being a workaholic, Michael is mostly committed to his new endeavors. He is also engaged in some Philanthropic activities. The TV star believes in charity thus is associated with few non-profit organizations like ‘Find and Feed’. He moreover plays basketball in the name of Charity. Apart from this, he has got a delicate corner for music and loves to linger to melodies in his leisure time. Michael has a bitter connection with his father and is mostly seen with his mother most often on his social media handles.

His performance in ‘Un Altro Mondo’ was just incredible. In the movie, he was acquainted with a very different language, Italian but he did complete justice to his role. From there, he never looked back and rose high and high in his career. He is not so much fluid with his personal life rather tends to share only the professional substance with the media after facing a backlash on his past relationship.

Who is Michael Rainey Jr. dating?

Michael Rainey with his mother(Source: Instagram)

He shares his citizenship between America and Jamaica. Michael even shows a keen interest in Rapping and athletics. He has an avid attraction for Basketball, an aficionado of the New York Knicks. Rainey is also discerned to disclose his memoir, something very soon right! but his achievements deserve this. He is certainly a trendsetter for this generation. All we can learn from him is determination and dedication to one’s work. Profession and ethics go hand in hand for him.

Is Michael Rainey Dating Someone?

As of now, Michael Rainey Jr. is not dating anyone. He is a free loner, though he contrives to hide his private life from the limelight. His main focus, for now, is just his work and his routine inculcate a very hectic schedule. Being a charmer, he is a lady’s favorite but not looking for any relationship forthwith. Probably when the time is perfect, we can find out more about his socializing esprit.

In this instance, Michael, aka Tariq, is single and is not known to be in any relationship. He just had one relationship in the past. Unfortunately, his relationship didn’t work out for him but did make its way to the front page of the newspaper. So! Wait till a new name pops up associated with him.

Michael’s Past relationships

There were different touches of rumor about Michael Rainey and Eva Apio, the Ugandan supermodel, back in 2019. Even the flamboyant star shared various pictures of them on his Instagram handle, but later, he took all of them down as they both went their separate ways. Eva Apio is a stunning black model known for her IG live shows and her brilliant performance in the modeling industry. Reports suggest that they met through a mutual friend and, after that, crossed their ways a lot of times, but eventually, their relationship couldn’t work out.

Who is Michael Rainey

Michael Rainey with Eva Apio

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