Who Is Melinda French Gates’ Boyfriend In 2022? Her Relationship With The Co-Founder Of Microsoft!

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melinda french gates boyfriend 2022
Melinda French Gates boyfriend in 2022?

Let us find out who is Melinda French Gates’ boyfriend in 2022! Last year on 3rd May 2021, Melinda French Gates and her husband announced in a joint statement on social media that they had decided to divorce after 27 years of marriage and wanted to conclude their chapter of love which completed 34 years as a couple! Following this, the news came that their high-profile divorce was fueled by multiple factors and wasn’t because of any particular incident or event. The divorce was filed by Melinda French Gates. It is believed that French Gates had met the divorce lawyers since October 2019, at least! Their divorce was finalized on 2nd August 2021.

Though not much is known about the cause, it is believed that Bill Gates’ business dealings with financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were one of the prominent reasons as Melinda didn’t use to like it and had also made that clear to Mr. Bill. Moreover, later Melinda said that once she wanted to see who that man was but she regretted it from the second she stepped in the door. Also added that she had nightmares about it afterward. But even after her disapproval, he continued to meet her.

Recently, for the very first time, Melinda French Gates has publicly spoken about her divorce from the American business magnate. In that, she has opened up about several of the underlying things which lined their journey till the divorce. Moreover, she has also given some hints about her present love life. So, is she dating anyone right now? Who is Melinda French Gates’ boyfriend in 2022? Well, if you are curious, then the next section awaits you!

melinda french gates boyfriend 2022
Melinda French Gates with Bill Gates

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Who is Melinda French Gates’ boyfriend in 2022? She opened up in the latest interview!

During the interview, Melinda French Gates confessed that on the day, she got married, she never thought that ever she would end up being divorced. But now as things have already wrapped up when asked if she’s open to dating in the future. Her answer had amazed everyone. She said definitely! Melinda embellished her statement by adding that she hope that happens for her again! While saying that she’s dipping her toe in that water a little bit, she added that she finds the water interesting at this point. So, at present, her love life is under the wraps but it is clear that she is looking forward to giving a second chance to her love life. But of course not with the past partner!

But while describing her marriage she revealed numerous times she cried during her marriage, sometimes even while lying on the floor with no hope or power to think of taking the next step. She added that though society is used to putting the burden on the shoulders of women, she knows that she did nothing wrong and that’s why she holds her head high. French Gates continued by saying that she had given every single piece of herself to this marriage. And she was committed to it from the day they got engaged to the day all of that had concluded!

Well, for your information, after meeting at a trade fair in New York, the two had begun dating in 1987. And in 1994, they got married in a private ceremony held in Lanai, Hawaii. Following this, the couple got blessed with three children namely: Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe Gates. After the divorce, although Melinda had not asked for spousal support, Mr. Bill had transferred over $2 billion worth of shares and stocks.

melinda french gates boyfriend 2022
Melinda French Gates

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The present relationship between Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates!

During the same interview, Melinda French Gates confessed that she and the co-founder of Microsoft are friendly, but still, there’s a lot of healing needed for her to consider them as friends. French Gates also said that now she is feeling as if she has started to get to the other side. And she does feel like she’s turning a page in the chapter now!

She also talked about her husband’s affair with a staffer about 20 years ago that was brought to light just before he resigned from the board in 2020. Regarding that, she said that she certainly believes in forgiveness! Moreover, she also added that she thinks that are many other questions that now Bill needs to answer. Like to give his statement regarding the claim in which he was accused of having multiple affairs!

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