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Who Is Madison LeCroy Dating? Was There A Break Up?

Who Is Madison LeCroy Dating?

Madison LeCroy is embarrassed after her fun, fun weekend. Who is the drunk weekend queen Madison LeCroy dating? Madison has always been this young independent woman who does not need a man to back her up. But she has always enjoyed the company of some handsome and dashing men. She has always been the example of the spirit of feminism, but it has always charged the best of her. We know Madison does not need anyone, but a human heart might want someone. It’s okay to feel vulnerable or to feel sad at times. So in this article, we will learn “Who Is Madison LeCroy Dating?”

It doesn’t make you weak or a loser. Crying is empowering, too, as you are strong if you can acknowledge your mistakes. Madison had been making it to the headlines because one weekend, she got wasted and flashed her boobs on her Instagram live. She is very embarrassed about her actions. Madison has been associated with many men. She is even a mother of a beautiful son. But moreover, she has also been associated as the destroyer of an engagement. It is said that Madison was sexually involved with  Alex Rodriguez, who was Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-fiancee? However, Madison confirmed that Alex never physically cheated on her fiancee.

Who Is Madison LeCroy Dating?

Madison With Her Son Hudson (Credits: Page Six)

But she agreed that they had a couple of facetime. Jennifer’s fan calls Madison the side-chick and looks down upon her because she knew Alex was engaged to someone else still she was there trying to get all friendly with him. Lopez and Alex’s engagement is off now, and everyone blames Madison for that. But Madison was already with someone else then how is she to blame? Why can’t this patriarchal world see the actual culprit that is Alex?

Madison LeCroy’s Past Relationships

In the Southern Charm series season, 7 Madison charmed Austen Kroll with her looks and her charming personality. He was a cast member of Southern Charm season 7. She often flaunted him on her Instagram feeds. She shared a picture where the couple was attending the wine festival. But the couple had an ugly breakup because not everyone can handle a girl like Madison.

Madison is a gorgeous mother of an eight-year-old son named Hudson. He is also very frequently seen in her Instagram feeds. She is an amazing mother. But we have to say that Hudson also has an amazing father. Madison had her firstborn son with her ex-husband, Josh Hughes. Josh was her young teen love, and it was pure and just unique. She got married to Josh when she was just 20. And they both parted their ways after five years of marriage. Madison said in one of her interviews that she is very thankful to meet Josh. Because of him, she is blessed with such an adorable son.

She has also talked about being a mother. She said she always wanted to be a “Boy Mom,” and he is grateful for his baby boy. The boy’s mom said she wants to raise his boy, never questioning the girl’s comfort zone or her no. She said that she always wanted to groom her son into a gentleman she wanted the men around her to be.

Who Is Madison LeCroy Dating & Is She The Reason For Alex And Jennifer’s Break Up?

Madison was accused of Breaking up Alex and Jennifer, but she stepped up and cleared the air by telling everyone that she is already dating someone else. She also said that Alex never physically cheated on Lopez. They both have been on a video call and nothing more than that. But still, Jeniffer’s fans are calling Madison the B-word.

Who Is Madison LeCroy Dating?

Madison With Her New Mystery Boyfriend. (Credits: Instagram)

Madison is dating someone, but she hasn’t revealed his identity. She even posted a picture with her new boo. The photo featured both of them vacationing on a boat. Madison had her arms wrapped around him, and they seemed in love, but she hasn’t revealed his identity yet. Madison has her owns ways to project her love life to the world. Her Instagram feeds show that Hudson is also with them on vacation. Which means she has introduced her new bee to her son.

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