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Who is Lizzo Dating Now & Is There Any Relation With Blueface?

who is lizzo dating
Lizzo with Harry Styles at the Brits Awards

Let’s admit it, we all love Lizzo especially for her blooming positivity and just overall good vibes. But with all her charisma on stage and through her songs, it is still unclear who is Lizzo dating now. And with so many catchy songs about the romantics and positive sides of life, we couldn’t help but wonder about the 31-year-old’s actual love relationships in her own personal life. This makes fans go nuts about what is actually happening behind the curtain when she makes her heartbreaking and uplifting songs. Who inspires them?

So, what’s the matter on who is Lizzo is actually dating now? Here in this very article, we are giving you all the details. The answer is that she is most definitely dating no one at the moment. Although, the “Good As Hell” singer has previously involved herself in some online dating schemes. Lizzo was present for an interview with presenter Busy Philipps for her talk show Busy Tonight back in April 2020. Where the singer was asked if she’s tried out Raya—the dating app for celebrities and famous people. It turns out that the has been trying to match with John Mayer, but it didn’t work,” Lizzo responded with a joke. So, sorry, but that’s a couple we can get behind and forget about.

Lizzo’s dating history

who is lizzo dating?

Lizzo is close friends with Harry Styles, the two appeared together subsequently

Lizzo has remained pretty quiet about her actual past relationships even to this day. However, she’s been incredibly open about flirting with celebrities from a rear end. She’s also been sliding into people’s DMs a few times. Lizzo has even confessed to an interviewer that she once messaged Drake privately.

She has also been working and appearing together with the British singer Harry Styles. They had a duet by singing ‘Juice’ together once. But it feels like they are just best friends more than anything.

Another love bullet also shot at Chris Evans. After Chris shared a cute viral video of a little girl dancing to Lizzo’s “Juice,” she tweeted him back with a flirty snap, “Wow marry me.”

She may be dated Minnesota Vikings player

Who is lzzo dating? that is the question

Lizo wearing a football shirt

Remember, her song ‘Truth Hurts’ also contains the lyrics ‘Minnesota Viking’, which turns out to be a lot more than just a piece of lyrics. In her hit song, ‘Truth Hurts’ the singer put an unusual reference to a “new man on the Minnesota Vikings” right in the chorus. Fans have been asking who was this mystery man?

During her concert in May 2019, Lizzo confessed that the mystery boyfriend who inspired her the song was from her hometown which is Detroit.  But it doesn’t seem like anything serious came out of that relationship.

In early 2019, Lizzo revealed that there was, in fact, a Minnesota Vikings star that slid into her DMs, but she never revealed his true identity.

Who is Lizzo dating now?

who is lizzo dating?

Rapper Blueface

American rapper Blueface was making various headlines because of a recent flirtation he had with hit singer Lizzo.

The rapper who is known for his song “Respect My Crippin” also decided to give it his best shot by letting the beautiful come at him. Blueface said in a recent radio interview that went viral. In that short clip, he blatantly said that he’d like to “smash” Lizzo and that he would even risk himself getting coronavirus to get with her.

But in late 2019, Lizzo revealed that she was also sexually fluid. This means she is totally open but yet way more complicated in committing romance. Despite flirtations with several celebrities – including a public flirtation with the gorgeous international heartthrob Chris Evans, she is still enjoying herself so much to lat that feeling goes. in October 2019 interview, she finally clarified that she is focusing on herself.

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Is Lizzo dating no one?

Lizzo at a concert

As far as we can tell from her appearances, yes. Right now, we can only conclude that Lizzo only needs some time to be herself and be the true independent black queen like she is. She seems to set her own priorities on herself, and that is a good thing.

“… even if I were in a relationship, I’m a single-minded individual, and I really like my freedom,” she told People magazine once in an interview. She also said that she thinks there’s a lot of people that need to be in relationships and need to be in love. She admitted to also want it sometimes, but she doesn’t need it.” We couldn’t agree more with this beautiful statement.

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