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Who is Lexi Rivera Dating? Her Past Relationships To Date

Lexi Rivera
Lexi Rivera

While social media influencers continue to grab eyeballs for their extravagant lifestyle, that is all about funny videos and some controversial issues that make them all the more interesting! Lexi Rivera continues to be popular on social media with her picture-perfect images along with the hilarious pranks that he and her brother do while keeping fans entertained. Lexi Rivera has an impressive number of followers on her social media account.

However, Lexi Rivera has been tight-lipped when it comes to her dating life. Simultaneously, she was dating Ben for white a while before the pair divided to part ways for good and go their separate ways. While the ex-pair issued the news about the split in a lengthy video, there’s a new man in Lexi Rivera’s life. This man is visible in almost all the recent videos posted by Lexi, and followers are pretty sure that’s something going on between the two. Who this mystery man is, and what do we know about him?

Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera: Is There A New Man In Her Life?

While Lexi Rivera has been vocal about her past relationship with Ben, fans speculate that the social media star might be dating social media influencer Andrew Davila. While there has been no such direct confirmation from big the parties, Lexi Rivera might have dropped a few hints about being romantically linked with Andrew Davila. Please take a look at this fun video that Lexi R entry posted on her social media account, with followers noticing the growing proximity between Lexi and Andrew. Is something going on between the two social media influencers?

While fans are yet to see the pair make it Insta official, it seems like an unexpected twist about this alleged pair! You might not be expecting this! Lexi released a recent video that featured her rumored new boyfriend, and there’s someone else in the video as well!

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Is Lexi Rivera Dating A Social Media Influencer?

Lexi Rivera stunned fans with her video that not only featured Andrew and, surprisingly enough, also included Lexi’s ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart as well! Moreover, what caught the fan’s attention is the video’s title that said her ex meeting her new boyfriend. While the video went on to gain huge views from fans, there’s more to it as per followers after this, Andrew featured in several videos along with Lexi.

The title was reason enough for fans to know about Lexi’s relationship status. Moreover, the three are friends as well! It has been rumored that Andrew is Ben’s old friend as well! Lexi Rivera, however, denied any such romantic relationship while making it clear that nothing is going on between the two! Lexi further added that they have been working on some TikTok videos lately and are just good friends, thus stopping all the rising speculations. Lexi and Andrew create videos regularly, thus still giving rise to these ongoing rumors of dating.

Lexi Rivera

Is Lexi Rivera Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Friend?

While the young and popular social media influencer has pretty much denied all the ongoing speculations, Andrew Davila continues to have a prominent role to play in almost all the recent reels and other posts on Lexi’s social media account. From collaborating with other stars, Andrew and Lexi creates some fun reels and keep fans entertained throughout. For now, Lexi is pretty single, as she posted a hilarious video back on Valentine’s Day where one of her friends dressed up as a guy only to leave fans all shocked!

Lexi might be taking some time off as she recently broke things off in November with her long-time boyfriend, Ben. For now, the social media influencer is keeping fans updated with some good content time and again while keeping a low profile about her personal life. We are sure to get an update soon if Lexi decides to surprise fans with details about her rumored boyfriend! Till then, the ongoing allegations can be put to rest for a while.

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