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Who is Levi Bellfield’s Girlfriend? His Love Interests & Controversy

Who is Levi Bellfield’s Girlfriend? What do we know about the professional British serial killer’s love interest and attempted crimes? Many of you might not know him. Starting from the basics, for his frequent killing criminal nature, Levi Bellfield is often called The Bus Stop Stalker, The Bus Stop Killer and The Hammer Man. With the names, it seems like Levi stalks people and plans to attempt murder mostly at the bus stands. He is found guilty of a few murder cases, for which he gained prominence. It was on 25 February 2008, when he attempted the murder of Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange. Not only these two ladies but also was the murder case of Kate Sheedy where he was found guilty. For these three murder cases, Levi Bellfield has been sentenced to be imprisoned for life.

People, who know about him have been lately very curious to know about his personal life, especially Who is Levi Bellfield’s Girlfriend? Well, he is the father of eleven children. Not with just one woman, but sharing his life with three women in total. However, what’s his current relationship status? For more details about this serial killer, you may read this article to the end, as we have covered quite a lot of things!

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Levi Bellfield’s Girlfriend: Relationship Status

When it comes to his love life, Levi Bellfield shares eleven children in total. With his last girlfriend, Emma Mills, he shares three children. However, after knowing everything about how cruel, and wicked he is, she didn’t continue to be with him. Before that, he was romantically involved with Joe Collings, with whom he shares two children. When his identity got revealed, she left him in 1997. She witnessed his violent behaviour towards women, quite a long time ago. Not only that, Levi Bellfield never respected women and it has been proved many times. Joe Collings revealed that she lives with the guilt of being unable to stop Levi Bellfield from doing this evil thing. Also, his ex-girlfriends are pretty sure of the facts, several other victims have come across Levi’s evil side.

Levi Bellfield's Girlfriend

Emma Mills, Ex-Girlfriend of Levi Bellfield

Since he is imprisoned in jail, he is single and isn’t dating anyone. A lot of women knows how charming and loving Levi Bellfield is at first and eventually turn out to be suspicious, evil and more importantly a killer.

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Levi Bellfield’s Criminal Acts & Other Details

Besides knowing who is the romantically related to, now fans want to know more about Levi Bellfield’s criminal acts and other details. Let’s see what we know!

How Old Is He? Real name, Height

The British serial killer, Levi Bellfield was born on 17 May 1968 making him 53 years old as in February 2022. He was born in Isleworth, London, United Kingdom. Originally, he is known as Levi Rabetts. As far as his height is concerned, he has a respectable height of 6ft.

Levi Bellfield's Girlfriend

Levi Bellfield

Family Details

This serial killer, Levi Bellfield was born to Jean Bellfield (mother) and Joseph Bellfield (father). When he was 10 years old, his father died after suffering from a heart attack. Also, he has a sibling sister, Ann-Marie Bellfield.

Career Details

Earlier, Levi Bellfield used to work as a bouncer at a nightclub. However, later, he turned into a serial killer.

Besides other criminal acts which are mentioned above, his other major criminal attempt is murdering Milly Dowler on 23 June 2011. Talking about her, she was missing for quite a few days on 21 March 2002. She was a 13-year-old minor, who was found dead at the Yateley Heath Woods after six months. Also on 25 November 2004, he was charged with three cases of rape in West London and Surrey. There are several other murder and rape cases in which Levi Bellfield is involved and is found guilty. At present, he is imprisoned at the HM Prison Frankland.

Knowing everything, Levi Bellfield has been made into jail and has got his fairly valid punishment.

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