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Who Is Lele Pons Dating? The Singers Of ‘Se Te Nota’ Are Madly In Love

Lele Pons is a well-acknowledged internet sensation among today’s youth. She is a famous YouTuber with almost 20 million subscribers, which is a huge number on the platform. She normally releases short and funny videos since 2016. Previously, she made videos on Vine, a video hosting service where the users used to deliver their content within 7 seconds, after the app was closed, she shifted to YouTube. Her popularity reached another secured position as she made her debut as a singer in 2018. She released Se Te Nota, feat Guaynaa in 2020, and the groovy pop-urban music and catchy lyrics, gained huge attention from the TikTok users, and it soon became a trend.

The song and the dance steps also became popular on YouTube, and many dancers posted their covers of the song, which highkey lubricated the song’s stability in Latin Billboard Charts. However, would you believe if I say that the song has a connection with Lele Pons dating life? It absolutely does, as the rapper, Lele collaborated within her song, is her current sweetheart, and the couple even made their official announcement on their social media accounts.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating? The Singers Of “Se Te Nota” Are Madly In Love

Lele Pons and Guaynaa in a still from the music video, Se Te Nota

So, let us know about the voices behind the groovy “Se Te Nota”, and how they fell for each other.

How Did They Start Dating? And How is The Relationship Going?

Soon after the release of “Se Te Nota” on 4th September 2020, which currently has 342 million views on YouTube, in the thumbnail of the music video, the two artists, Lele Pons and Guaynaa was seen locking their lips against each other. Though it was not a big deal, as most of the viewers took it as a part of the theme of the song, soon we get to know there might be something more to it. Mostly it happens that when two artists collaborate with each other, soon or sometime after their song releases, they stop posting pictures together. But it was not the same in this case, as we could spot them posting multiple pictures of them together on social media. Lele Pons has a huge following on Instagram, which is nearly 43 million, and Guaynaa has nearly 6 million followers.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating? The Singers Of “Se Te Nota” Are Madly In Love

The YouTuber and singer, Lele Pons

However, there were no such captions that could confirm that they were dating. The couple even spent their Halloween together and dressed up as Lisa Simpson and Milhouse, and Buzz Lightyear and Woody. We were highly unsure about their relationship as previously Lele, and Twan Kuyper, an actor, jokingly appeared in few videos where both of them could be seen kissing each other, getting married, and also making plans about having kids, which were later confirmed by Lele that it was nothing but fun and their main motive was to get their fans to go crazy.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating? The Singers Of “Se Te Nota” Are Madly In Love

Lele Pons and Guaynaa are dating each other.

So, we might have thought it was the same with Guaynaa, but we couldn’t stop but ship them hard, as they look adorable together. On 13th December, Lele Pons made our wish come true as she made her relationship with the rapper official. She uploaded a picture where the couple looked like they were on a trip, the surroundings completely covered with snow, and in the middle, our love birds could be seen in red coats hugging each other and locking their lips against each other. We cannot help but go in awe at the cute picture.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating? The Singers Of “Se Te Nota” Are Madly In Love

The couple performed their song on Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

The couple also performed their song on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. They continue to post pictures with each other, showing affection or pulling each other’s legs or pranks. We can conclude that we are struck with their chemistry and wish them all luck for the future.

The Past Relationships Of Lele Pons And Guaynaa

Who Is Lele Pons Dating? The Singers Of “Se Te Nota” Are Madly In Love

Lele Pons with her ex-boyfriend, Ray Diaz

Lele Pons and Ray Diaz confirmed their relationship publicly in 2018, as a video of them cuddling with each other got viral. Ray told on social media that they were dating for nearly a year. Lele Pons was previously linked with King Bach, an actor, composer, and musician, and Juanpa Zurita, a social media personality.

Not a lot of information could be gathered about Guaynaa’s past relationship however, the only woman with whom he got linked previously was Jacky Fontanez, a Puerto Rican model, actress, dancer, and radio presenter. However, there are no confirmations on the rumor.

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