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Who is Laurie Hernandez Dating? All about Her Personal Life

Who is Laurie Hernandez dating?
Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez is an American artistic gymnast. She is the silver medalist for the balance beam in the individual category. She was also the supporting factor for the team to get a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Not only in sports, but she has also ventured into the dance industry with her debut in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2016. She is also the author of her books which include her life story portrayed with the names ‘I Got This: To Gold and Beyond’ and She’s Got This, a children’s book. She is even determined to make her way through the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Laurie has brought honor and respect for her Country being a world-class gymnast. She will continue with her reign of glory in the times to come. We will be discussing a bit more about her Personal life as well in this article but the reason you came here is something different. So, let us now browse about her emotional endeavors. Who is Laurie Hernandez dating? Keen to know this right! Be with us throughout the article.

Is Laurie Hernandez dating anyone?

As of now, Laurie Hernandez is not dating anyone. She is an independent loner, though she contrives to hide her special life from the limelight. Her main focus, for now, is just her work and her routine includes a very hectic schedule. Being an achiever, she is a desirable companion but not looking for any relationship forthwith. Probably when the time is perfect, we can find out more about her social vigor. Laurie has made her announcement about her love life where she is okay with everything going right now.

She is all focused on her new endeavors and is certainly living a good time. Love is something that comes your way at the most surprising times, and when it reaches out to you, it rejuvenates you completely. Laurie too is very confident about her future relationships, and all we can expect from her is to be cheerful. Right now, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

In this instance, Laurie is single and is not known to be in any relationship. She just had one relationship in the past but the accurate information is not yet available. Laurie looks upon her parents as an ideal couple and wants a Love Life the way they have. She has faced Many struggles from her childhood and her struggle with Relationships would also be a difficult one. Many reports have suggested her relationship with some former athletes but the name is still unknown. Some data hints about her single life for a long time. So! Wait till a new name pops up related to her.

Who is Laurie Hernandez dating?

Laurie Hernandez at 2016 Rio Olympics

Laurie’s Personal timeline

From starting her Career in 2008 to her expected participation in the Tokyo Olympic 2021, Laurie’s career has been crammed with numerous accomplishments. The role model for this gymnast is her parents. Laurie’s parents have always supported her. They were there when she won silver at the Olympics. A Photograph of them went Viral where they were unconditionally praying for her. Laurie’s whole life revolves around her parents. She has also been a victim of Racism. Recently there was also controversy between her and a former teammate because of abuse and violence. Laurie even had to go through therapy to heal from the whole episode. Right now she is only looking out for better things to come her way. All we can expect from her is to rise with flying colors once again.

Who is Laurie Hernandez dating?

Laurie Fernandez with her Parents

She has also made some special appearances for the TV talk shows like Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood Live, The Today Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Hollywood Today. This time her participation in the Olympics is quite uncertain though she is a part of it. Laurie is the commentator for the Olympics in Tokyo for now. Her injury has cost both grief and excitement at the same time. The gymnast is still hopeful and will again outshine when given a chance. She almost has all the skills to fly high in her Career.

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