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Who is LaMelo Ball Dating in 2021, Is the NBA Star Dating or Single?

Who is lamelo ball dating?

In this article, we cover who is LaMelo Ball dating 2021. This post explores the Anaheim, California point guard for the Charlotte Hornets romantic link relationship to Ashlyn Castro. And as the NBA player shines with his team and catches the spotlight of the press, the same thing happens to his probable new significant other. Additionally, we need to explore LaMelo’s previous relationship with adult actress Teanna Trump. Did things go south? And why?

Ashlyn Castro, the girl romantically linked to LaMelo Ball in 2021, used to date Michael B. Jordan. And here’s a little bit of what we know about Ashlyn: She’s of Latin American ascendancy of dark hair, tanned skin, and hazel eyes who poses in very cute pictures for her social profile on Instagram, where she seems very active and engaging with her audience. Keep reading this article to learn more about Ashlyn Castro, the girl who apparently dates LaMelo Ball in 2021.

Who is LaMelo Ball Dating 2021? Is the NBA Star Dating or Single?

LaMelo Ball seems romantically involved now with Ashlyn Castro (b. 1996), a Latin American woman from Long Beach, California. And what does Ashlyn do for a living? Well, the press describes Ashlyn as an internet celebrity. She once dated African American actor Michael B. Jordan back in 2017. But that didn’t last long. As of now, cutie Castro got the attention of the Charlotte Hornets player LaMelo Ball. And speaking of Lamello, he seems to be over adult actress Teanna Trump. And if you want to know more, keep reading as this gets better.

Who is Ashlyn Castro?

Ashlyn is a Long Beach, California native who performs acting jobs and does modeling in the media app Instagram. And she has a significant amount of followers, something close to one hundred and fifty thousand. While Ashlyn didn’t feature in any big magazine or publication yet, she might get some attention for her romantic relationship with LaMelo Ball, the NBA Rookie of the Year who plays point forward for the Charlotte Hornets.

But Ashlyn Castro might not be the only girl LaMelo Ball is eyeballing —or something more than that— because model Ana Montana hangs out with LaMelo’s inner circle, and Montana reportedly took a picture of Ball’s apartment. In that sense, the press also links Ana Montana with LaMelo Brown despite Ashlyn on the top of the podium of attention for the professional basketball star whose success and good looks give him the opportunity to choose which hot chick to snuggle when not sweating out that jersey in the court.

Who is lamelo ball dating 2021

Who is LaMelo Ball Dating 2021 – Instagram Model Ashlyn Castro

What happened with LaMelo Ball and Teanna Trump?

The 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year was romantically linked to adult actress Teanna Trump. And the two met when the adult entertainment performer went to one of Ball’s games. Soon after, they were together in some locations in Charlotte sharing some moments. Teanna went to social networks and posted her support for the Hornets in a sexy pose with a Jersey. But nothing ever grew out of those social media exchanges, as both went each other’s way.

Teanna Trump is a hottie adult film actress born in 1995 with a seven-year career to her name, she’s a native from Colombus and got voted Vixen Angel of the Month in January 2020. With an impressive filmography of over 150 scenes, she received a nomination from the AVN and XRCO Awards organizations. After LaMelo, Teanna focuses on her adult modeling career. But who can blame the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year for choosing between hot girls? Keep on reading to know more.

who is lamelo ball datin 2021 - otakukart featured image

Who is LaMelo Ball Dating 2021? The NBA Rookie of the Year dates IG model Ashlyn Castro

LaMelo Ball Net Worth

Combining his salary with the Charlotte Hornet’s contract and his family side hustles which include a brand and other activities, LaMelo Ball’s net worth is around ten million US dollars. He’s a promising star for the NBA who can develop an impressive career in basketball.  Additionally, with the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year Award, LaMelo will receive many sports endorsement deals from many brands that will push his net worth even higher. And with a cutie lady like Ashlyn to his side. LaMelo will surely be a very happy man.

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Don’t let LaMelo’s benjamins stacking fool you. Because he’s no greedy man. Ball has a sensitive philanthropy side. As he’s donating blankets to the Salvation Army as well as writing some checks for the ecologic impact of bushfires in Australia. LaMelo’s origins from Anaheim reflect his sentiments towards social causes. In on other topics, LaMelo learned how to play ball from his father and brothers and honed his skills in his teens at Chino Hills High School, thus paving his way to the pro-ball circuit of the NBA.

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