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Who Is Kid Rock Dating, Did He Recently Get Married?


Kid Rock, the American rapper, has a very rocky road when we go down to his dating history. Kid Rock is a dating master, according to his fans. He has always been super fun and a charmer. And he managed to charm the one and only Pamela Anderson. They both met each other at a VH1 concert, where they had a rock and roll night together. Kid Rock said in one of his interviews that he could never forget that night.

He said Pamela was like a free bird that night. She danced her soul out that day. And her spirit was to live in the moment. He said he fell for her the moment he saw how carefree and how beautiful Pamela was. Kid Rock added to his statement by saying that the night after the concert, it was around ester, and Pamela sent him easter eggs and a hundred of them. He said that woman drove me crazy. Crazier than he already is.

Who Is Kid Rock Dating?

Kid Rock: American Rapper.

He said it was this crazy adorable move he was very sure about her, and they started hanging out with each other. He said he just used to adore her. Lil Rock didn’t even hold her hand, and he just used to look at her and imagine how adorable she is.

Kid Rock And Her Adorable Gir Pamela Anderson Got Engaged In 2003

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock started dating in 2001. The couple seemed very adorable together, and they used to share many intimate moments for the camera on the red carpet. The couple was famous for their crazy little pranks, and they used to compliment each other. In 2002 Kid Rock proposed to Pamela. And she said yes. But apparently, she was not ready for marriage, and things didn’t work out between them. So, they called off the engagement in 2003

However, they were in love with each other. Kid Rock opened up about his relationship with Kelley, his high school Boo before Pamela. He said she tricked her into believing that they had two boys together, but one of the boys was not his. But still, he was ready to raise him like a father. But she snatched him away from me. He said he was heartbroken after that but never lost hope as his other son James. He said that when he lost faith in love, Pamela crossed his way and fell in love again. After his very, very emotional interview, Pamela and Kid Rock came back together and walked down the aisle in 2006.

Kid Rock’s Love Life Is A Very Rocky Road

Pamela and Kid Rock announced three months after their marriage that Pamela is pregnant with Kid Rock’s child. The couple was very excited to welcome their child into the world, but fate had other plans for them. Pamela had a miscarriage, and they lost the baby. A few months after the miscarriage, she filed for a divorce. And the fun couple went on their operate ways. Kid Rock said Pamela used to insult his mother and sister in front of his son.

And she refused to apologize when she was asked to. This was the main reason for their divorce. He said he loves his family, and he will not tolerate anyone disrespecting them.

And Kid Rock Is Again Ready To Walk Down The Aisle With Loretta Lynn In 2020

Just after Pamela and Kid Rock finalized their divorce, Kid Rock started dating Audrey Berry. The couple had a low-key relationship, but they were seen together a lot of times. Kid Rock never talked about her girlfriend publically, but they were seen together sharing intimate moments together. He dedicated his album, First Kiss, to Audrey Berry. And in 2017, Audrey Berry was seen with a diamond ring which yelled that they are engaged. But no further news came across, which means the couple couldn’t make it to the aisle.

Who Is Kid Rock Dating?

Kid Rock And Loretta Lynn Getting Married. (Credits: TMZ)

In the year 2020, Kid Rock shared a picture captioned, “Sorry girls! I am taken.” And Loretta Lynn shared pictures of her and Kid Rock getting married to each other. Kid Rocks fans went crazy. But unfortunately, it was a little prank Lynn and Kid Rock played on their fans. Lynn appeared in an interview and said that the marriage couldn’t last. But It was fun for sure. Making it clear that it was a joke. So, technically we can say Kid Rock is not dating anyone as the rapper made a statement in his recent interview that he is not chasing girls, and it is saving him a lot of time.

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