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Who is Julia Michaels Dating Now? Seen With JP Saxe

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe
JUlia michaels and JP Saxe

Who doesn’t know Julia Michaels? She is one of the best singers from the United States. Julia Michaels has pursued her career in the entertainment industry for approximately 10 years. From who Julia is dating now to her net worth, everyone is talking about it. Her aura radiated even more, who would have thought that Julia Michaels had entered the age of 27 years. Julia Michaels was born on November 13, 1993. This year, he has just turned 27 years old.

For those who don’t know, the owner’s full name Julia Carin Cavazos was born in Davenport, Iowa, United States. Ever since she catapulted her singing career with her hit song ‘Issues’, people have been raving about her musical talent until now. A lot of pieces of information about the singer’s private life evoked through the air as she was repeatedly seen hanging out with several men that could be her boyfriends. So the question is, who is Julia Michael actually dating at the moment? Here you will find the answer.

Who is Julia Michaels dating now?

julia michaels jp saxe

Julia Michaels hugging JP Saxe

Julia Michaels has done a number of collaborations with musicians. This includes Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, to Niall Horan. However, the collaboration with her own boyfriend, JP Saxe, seems to be the most emotional of all. With a single plus a touching music video entitled “If The World Was Ending”, the two have succeeded in portraying the struggles of love amidst natural disasters.

According to JP Saxe, he and Julia wrote the song, which was released on October 17, when they met a few weeks after an earthquake hit LA. Julia also added that the song is about someone special in life and will keep us coming back to her no matter what. Even for various reasons, we could not have a deeper relationship with him. For JP Saxe, writing with Julia is the most creative experience he has ever had as they managed to write and record the song on the same day they met.

Then in the Grammy-nominated song ‘I the Word is Ending’, the two lovers shared parts of heartbreaking love lyrics. The song, however, is tragically romantic in itself. With the iconic troop of the question”But if the world was ending, you’d come over, right?”. The single follows two songs that have been released by JP Saxe previously, namely “Same Room” and “Women Who Look Like You.”

Thanks to the duet together in the song If the World Was Ending, the two singers finally started dating. This year’s Grammy is also their first time appearing on the red carpet together. The song was even nominated in the Song of The Year category. They attended the Grammys last February with such a strong presence as a couple.

Julia Michaels previous relationship

young singer Lauv launched a duet with Julia Michaels entitled “There’s No Way”. This song, with a catchy beat, tells the story of two people who fall in love with each other but initially don’t want to admit it.

Since then, many fans have supported them to date, until they are actually dating now. This is the journey of Lauv and Julia Michaels‘ love affair that made many people melt.

Julia Michaels and Lauv

Julia Michaels and Lauv

This is the first photo of them shared with the public through their respective social media accounts. All along, it sparked the rumor of who Julia Michaels was dating at the time. In the caption, both Lauv and Julia Michaels only wrote that they would be releasing a duet song. Initially, many thought this photo was part of their latest single promo. Many artists also post photos of their togetherness with their duet partners, including what Lauv did through his personal Instagram account. Before the duet with Lauv, Julia also uploaded a photo of her on stage with Keith Urban.

Not to forget, Julia Michaels also uploaded her photo with Lauv during rehearsal. There is nothing strange in this photo, they seem to be singing together like two artists who are working together.

Her breakup with Lauv

The news that they are together was increasingly spreading through this upload of Julia Michaels.

At first, there was nothing wrong with this photo. Judging from the clothes they are wearing, this photo seems to have been taken when they were shooting the music video for “There’s No Way”. This photo was uploaded by Julia at the end of October 2018 with a caption of the heart symbol, which strengthens the rumors that they are going out. Even so, both of them have not confirmed the news.

Later on, Julia uploaded another photo showing them playing guitar together. Julia was seen sitting on Lauv’s lap holding a guitar. Then, Lauv responded to the rumors that they were going out on Twitter casually

After Julia Michaels ‘uploaded photo strengthened fans’ suspicions that they were dating, Lauv finally spoke up via Twitter. He said that it was true that he already had the best girlfriend in the world. However, he did not mention names.

Just a few weeks later, Lauv uploaded this photo with a really sweet caption. You could see Julia kissing Lauv’s cheek, who was smiling. Sadly though, their relationship ended just a few months afterward. And in the next year, Julia dated JP Saxe, and their relationship is still going strong until now.

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