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Who Is Jules LeBlanc Dating? The Youtuber’s Personal Life

who is Jules LeBlanc dating?

Jules LeBlanc is an actor, singer, gymnast, and a Youtuber. She is an all-in-one package, and who would not like to date a girl like her. But the question is, who is Jules LeBlanc dating? In 218, she was considered as one of the most famous teens in the world with the most extensive fan following worldwide. She stars as Rhyme in the family show Chicken Girls on Brat on YouTube, starred in the YouTube Brat show A Girl Named Jo performing the part of Jo Chambers, and also completed Rhyme in Chicken Girls: The Movie. Jules was called out of her nickname “Annie.” But last year, she changed it to Jules LeBlanc. She said she didn’t want to go by her nickname instead, she wanted to be known for the person she really is.

LeBlanc characterizes Lex in the Nickelodeon buddy parody television series Side Hustle. From 2010 to 2019Jules LeBlanc starred on the Bratayley family vlog. From 2016 to 2018, she appeared on the YouTube Red Originals series We Are Savvy. Jules LeBlanc had a rocky relationship history. Jules was dating  Hayden Summerall. Summerall is a teenage singer, and he was a Co-star at the Chicken Girls. They both looked so adorable together that they have to be together offscreen. So, there they were, madly in love with each other. The couple started dating in 2017.

who is Jules LeBlanc dating?

Jules LeBlanc From The Ordinary Girl. (Credits: YouTube)

The couple got a lot of limelight together as they both performed a song together, “Little Do You Know” which got atleast 60 Million views and the kids were rush famous. They both even got gigs to perform live. They were best friends before they started dating each other.

 Jules LeBlanc (Annie LeBlanc At The Time) Dating History And Her Tragic Breakups

But in 2018, they both realized that they were just two teenagers with the blood rush in their vains. They both wanted to save their friendship, and friendships suffocate in the corner when you add the term “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” to it. Hopefully, they both understood this at the right time. They both are still friends, and their friendship survived.

And after a year, love crossed Jules way again. In 2019 Jules started dating an actor Ashar Angle. The couple was an Instagram sensation when they announced that they were together. Jules fans instantly gave them a cute, pretty nickname, “Ashannie.” They were two teenagers in love, and teenagers are like a fairground on fire. But you still want to abandon your ride. The same goes with Jules. But unfortunately, in 2020. Asher and Jules broke up. The couple said they have no hard feelings for each other but do they?

What Jules And Asher’s Breakup Ugly?

Jules posted a story on her official Instagram page, and she wrote that there are no hard feelings involved between them. But the next day, a story was posted from Asher’s account that said, “You can’t break a person’s heart because you love them so much.” Which depicts that there are hard feelings involved. However, Jules went on Instagram live vedio and talked about her breakup. She started crying, talking about her breakup, and she said she was trying to be strong, but she can’t.

Then she discussed the post that clearly says that Jules broke Asher’s heart. She said that post was uploaded by Asher’s mother, and that was wrong on her part. She said his mother should not have thrown her under a bus, and you not have confused you. Jules was not disrespectful while she was discussing the matter. She didn’t blame anyone, but she kept on repeating that it was no one’s fault and especially not Asher’s.

Who Is Jules LeBlanc Dating Now?

Jules LeBlanc is not dating anyone as of now. But Jayden Bartels posted a TikTok vedio with Jules where they both loved each other like lovers. And they looked so adorable. Jules refused to accept that she like girls, but in the video, it clearly seems that they are in love. In a rapid-fire round of being asked Do you have a boyfriend, Julia said No. But when she was asked, Do you like girls. She started laughing and said No. Is Jules bisexual. Maybe or Maybe not.

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