Who is Jojo Hailey’s Daughter? Everything About Her

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Jojo Hailey's daughter
Sakoya Wynter giving thumbnail pic.

Today we will talk about Jojo Hailey’s daughter. Jojo Hailey has always been fan favorite because of his talent. His fans are crazy to know about him. They always search for most of the questions related to his personal life. Fans are desperate to know who is Jojo Hailey’s daughter. Hailey is a grammy-nominated recording artist. Jojo Hailey is now 50 years old but his fans are still crazy about him because of his songs. Jojo Hailey was born on the 10th of June 1971, in the famous city of Monroe, North Carolina, United States. He is the youngest son of his parents Cliff Hailey and Anita Hailey. His elder brother Cedric Renard Hailey, mostly known by the stage name “K-Ci”. K-Ci is a multi-talented American singer and songwriter. Two successful brothers also lead singers of the chart-topping R&B Group.

Jojo’s first hit was with his brother K-Ci as a hit member of the R&B group Jodeci. His other superhits albums are Love Always, Its Real, X, and many others. These are from the 90s to the 20s. If we talk about his personal life. Jojo always denies talking about his family and personal life. But from the other sources, the truth has come to reveal. Further in this article, we will talk about Jojo Hailey’s daughter and more about her personal life.

Is Sakoya Wynter Jojo Hailey’s daughter?

Is Sakoya Wynter is Hailey’s daughter? This has been very unfair to fans that Jojo hid her daughter from the media. But now patience is over. Now it is known who is Jojo’s daughter? Is she Sakoya Wynter? The answer to these questions is – Yes, Sakoya Wynter is Jojo Hailey’s daughter. Sakoya Wynter has her own separate fan base. Wynter has been in news because of her back-to-back success in the music and television field. She is a multi-talented 30years, old woman. She is the eldest daughter of their parents Mr. Jojo Hailey and Mrs. Tashaunda “Tiny” Hailey. Sakoya Wynter was born on the 2nd of February 1991 in the state of the U.S.A.

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She is an amazing artist with an attractive body of height 5 feet 4inches. She has worked in many popular television series. Her few popular hits are Self Love, Ain’t No Loyalty, Vampire, and many more. Her IG account has 5k followers. To watch her latest update you can check her IG account. Her net worth was estimated and it is a total of $300 thousand. In her interviews, she has been asked that how she got interested in music and what is her journey in the field of music? She explained that from her childhood she started doing music. She said that she was always around with music and inspired by her father and uncle.

Jojo Hailey's daughter
Sakoya Wynter.

Sakoya Wynter’s personal life

Let us find more about Sakoya Wynter’s personal life.  Who is Sakoya Wynter’s baby father? Sakoya has been singing for a long time and now some of her songs are widely spread on youtube. And as a professional singer, she started her career in the year 2019. Fans are also waiting for her new albums and songs. But till now there is no information regarding her new release.

Through the column of other sources, it has come out that she was pregnant. But the question arises who is the father? Sakoya Wynter’s baby father is Brandon Jennings. Brandon Jennings is 31 years old American former, basketball player. He was a professional player who has played 9 seasons in the National Basketball Association. Jennings was the youngest son of his parents Alice Knox and Byron Jennings. He was born in Compton in city California. Brandon was the first American to go pros in Europe. He also has a verified IG account with 42.9k followers.

Sakoya and Jenning’s relationship is not much known to the public. Earlier it was said he has not been in such a relationship which has lasted for more than years. Nowadays he is engaged to Lashonate and also has a child with her. Now he is a father who has two children from two different women.

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Jojo Hailey's Daughter
Brandon Jennings, father of Sakoya’s baby

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