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Who Is Jhené Aiko Dating, Is She Still With Big Sean?

Jhené Aiko is an American singer and a songwriter. The 33-year-old singer is also a mother of a girl. Jhené gained popularity after she performed with R&B, group B2K. She was known as Lil Fizz’s cousin; however, she is not related to him in any way. Later on, it was revealed that calling her Lil’s cousin was a marketing strategy that was used to promote Aiko. She is active in the music industry since 2001, but her debut album came in 2011. Certainly, she recorded her debut album (My name is Jhené) in 2003, but later on, she left everything to complete her studies.

Her return was marked with “Sailing Soul” which was a massive hit in 2011. This mixed tape included collaborations with artists like Drake, Kanye, and Miguel. 2015 was the year that made her a very famous singer. She was nominated for three Grammy Awards for songs like “The Worst” and “Sail Out” in 2015. Aiko was also nominated in 2021 for Grammys for her Album “Chilombo” and “Lightning and Thunder”.

Aiko’s only song that entered in the list of US Billboard Hot 100 was “Triggered,” which peaked at number 51. It ranked 3 on the Us R&B songs. “Triggered” was Aiko’s first official song from her 2020 album, Chilombo. It was said that Jhené discussed her past relationships in the album. But, later on, she took to Twitter and cleared the rumors. Aiko’s personal life has been very rough. She previously dated O’Ryan in 2005 for three years. The duo has a daughter, Namiko Love. Aiko’s brother died in 2012 of cancer. She is currently dating someone for 5 years.

Is Jhené Aiko dating Big Sean ?

Credit: Billboard

Who is Jhené Aiko dating?

Jhené is dating Sean Michael since 2016. Initially, people thought that it is a rumor. Later on, the whispers were confirmed through Instagram. Everyone has ups and downs in their relationship, and so did Jhené and Sean have. In 2019 it was confirmed that they have broken up. The rumor of their breakup caught the fire when Aiko covered a tattoo of Sean. In a public appearance in 2018, she covered Sean’s face’s tattoo with a green dipped galaxy. However, she refused the rumors and said that it was just for fashion.

The fuel to the fire was added when various reports claimed that Ariana and Sean have a spark. People thought that it was true; nevertheless, it was just a rumor.

Is Jhené Aiko dating Sean?

Later on, Sean and Aiko united and came back together, stronger than ever. When DJ Khaled was interviewing Jhené, she revealed that it is her friendship with Sean that has evolved into a relationship. Whenever Aiko appears for an interview, she always talks sweetly about his boo, and fans just cannot stop admiring them.

On 8th March, she appeared at Ellen’s show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She went on discussing her Grammy nomination and Sean. Jhené discussed with Ellen that some events of the past had brought her closer to Sean. She added that the pandemic was benignant for them. Aiko also said that Big Sean now loves cats too. Although he has always loved her cats, the pandemic has made him a perfect cat man, Aiko joked. In the song “Deep Reverence,” Sean revealed that Aiko had a miscarriage with him.

How did Jhené Aiko and Big Sean met?

Aiko revealed that she and Sean first became friends in 2012. Even though she was in a relationship at that time, she said yes to Sean when he asked her ought to come to the Lakers game. In 2016, they released their first album together. That was the time when they came into a relationship.

Jhené Aiko’s past relationship

Her first relationship was with O’Ryan, and she even shares a daughter with him. He is the younger brother of R&B singer Omarion and released his first debut album in 2004. O’Ryan and Aiko remained friends later on. Aiko even suffered an accident with him in a car that included Aiko’s older sister Miyoko and Namiko. Aiko dated him for three years till 2008.
She was rumored to be dating Shad Moss (in 2010) and Donald Glover (in 2014) also.

She found her love in Dot da Genuis in 2014 and married him. Dot is an American record producer and is mostly known for his work in “Day ‘n’ Nite”. However, they divorced in 2016 because the marriage had incorrigible issues. The divorce was finalized in 2017.

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