Who is Jesus Ortiz-Paz’s Girlfriend? Personal and Professional Life of The Musician

jesus ortiz paz girlfriend
Who is Jesus Ortiz-Paz's girlfriend?

Let us find out who is Jesus Ortiz-Paz’s girlfriend in 2022! Well, gossip topics like dating and all are always close to the hearts of the entertainment-loving people! And today, we are here to quench their thirst by discussing one of the most highlighted topics that who is Jesus Ortiz-Paz’s girlfriend! And so, let’s see what we know about his love life! However, before we move towards the main topic of today’s discussion, let us talk about some of his basic details so that it would also be handy for those who don’t know much about him! So, Jesus Ortiz-Paz is basically from the musical background. He is a Mexican musician in the Latino community. He first grabbed the central stage and attracted the limelight as part of the group Fuerza Regida.

Fuerza Regida is part of a new wave of artists who are on a journey to reinvent the traditional Mexican corridos for Gen-Z sensibilities. This group was officially formed in 2015. The members of Fuerza Regida comprise the following members. Starting with Jesus Ortiz-Paz, he serves this musical group by lending his voice, which means that he handles the vocals. Then, Jose Garcia, who is on tuba. Followed by Samuel Jaimez, he plays requinto. And Khrystian Ramos, who handles the six-string guitar. Well, we would be discussing more of their journey but before let us divert our focus to the main topic of today’s discussion, who is Jesus Ortiz-Paz’s girlfriend in 2022? Let us find out!

jesus ortiz paz girlfriend
Jesus Ortiz-Paz

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Who is Jesus Ortiz-Paz’s girlfriend? Is he dating any popstar?

Well, without rounding up the things, let’s reveal the exact thing. So, it’s true that several times his fans have been speculating about his dating life. However, Jesus Ortiz-Paz is single! At least, this is what he wants us to believe! We said that because the rumors believe him to be dating someone very close to his heart, and as of now, they have been warming each other’s hearts for more than a year! But unfortunately, as of now, Jesus Ortiz-Paz hasn’t given any statement on his dating life, and so it would not be right to believe the rumors as who knows if they are even true or not! But to add a pinch of salt, several times, the rumors in this entertainment world turn out to be true!

To your interest, we would like to mention that the fans of Jesus Ortiz-Paz love to see him with Valeria, whose Instagram username is wowval_. Even on several of his fan pages, there are pictures of the two, where people are putting down their comments that they find this couple very cute!

jesus ortiz paz girlfriend
Jesus Ortiz-Paz

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More about the personal as well as the professional life of Jesus Ortiz-Paz!

Well, apart from dating, entertainment-loving people are also curious about several other things like age, height, zodiac sign, and also about professional details. And we would not let them down! On this note, let us discuss all these as well!

What is the age of Jesus Ortiz-Paz? When was he born? And details about his zodiac sign and height!

This young, emerging talented superstar has already seen the brightest time at the young age of 24! Jesus Ortiz-Paz was born on 13th May 1997 in Mexico. Then his birthdate makes him fall under the Taurus Zodiac sign. And as far as his height is concerned, Jesus Ortiz-Paz stands at an average height and has moderate weight. Moreover, he follows a well-planned workout routine which is well proved by his photographs.

Jesus Ortiz-Paz’s social media handles!

Starting with his YouTube handle. He joined YouTube on 16th December 2011. And as of now, he enjoys a count of 669k subscribers with a total of 214 videos. He also uploads some of his music group’s songs to this account, like Descansando, El Manuelito, etc. As of now, his account has 89,512,761views.

Then his Twitter handle has a total of 57.6k followers with 26 followings. On TikTok, he has 659.9K followers with 9 followers, and 2.9M likes. And on Instagram, he has 1.4M followers with 910 following and 58 posts.

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