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Who is Jermaine Pennant’s Girlfriend? Why Did He Break Up With Alice Goodwin?

Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin
All about Jermaine Pennant and his ex-wife Alice Goodwin

A couple is trending on social media everywhere. Everyone is gossiping about the new couple and is curious to know everything about their personal and professional life. Some of them are still confused and unsure whether Jermaine Pennant is again in a relationship or not. Yes, you heard it right. The person I am talking about is none other than Jermaine Pennant.

After revealing his split-up with his wife Alice Goodwin, he is again in the limelight. Because of his current relationship. Everyone is rumoring about whether he started seeing someone or not. So come, let’s talk about Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend, and know whether he is actually dating someone or not. Further, we will also talk about Jermaine Pennant’s early life and career as well.

As I mentioned earlier before about Jermaine Pennant’s ex-wife. Before stepping into Jermaine’s current love life. Let’s have a look at his past before knowing about his current relationship.

Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin’s relationship timeline

Well, let me tell you, In 2010, when Pennant broke up with Lara Murphy, started seeing Alice Goodwin. He came into a relationship with glamour model Alice Goodwin. And the couple at that time went viral. Whenever people spotted them together, they got so excited. Because the couple was one of the most famous and loved couples at that time. And their fan following at that time went on another level. They gathered a lot of attention from the media and news channels as well.

And the best part is they even got married in 2014. Later in 2018, the couple also appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show. They also lived a happy married life, but their married life started getting affected later. They started having trust issues. Unfortunately, they finally decided to apart their ways, and they split up in 2020.

Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin

Jermaine Pennant and his ex-wife Alice Goodwin

Moving further, let’s talk about the most asked question about Jermaine Pennant. That is about Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend. It’s time to reveal the truth about whether Pennant is dating someone or not. So if you all are ready, let’s dig into it and know the truth about Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend. Further, we will also talk about Jermaine Pennant’s early life and career.

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Who is Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend?

Now it’s finally time to reveal the most asked question about Jermaine Pennant. That is about Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend, whether he is dating someone or not. And if he is dating, then who is the lucky woman. Well, let me tell you, this is the most trending news of current times. Everyone is so curious to know whether he is seeing someone or not. Whether he is in a relationship with someone or not. Moreover, Jermaine Pennant’s social media handle is flooded with messages asking questions related to his current relationship.

Well, let me tell you, after Jermaine split up with Alice Goodwin in 2020. After moving on from his 9-year relationship with Alice, he started seeing Liz Barrett. Yes, you heard it right. Jermaine is finally dating again after a very unfortunate divorce. And this time, he believes that he has found the love of his life. It seems that the couple is really enjoying each other’s company. They are also seeing traveling a lot with each other.

Moreover, people are also liking the chemistry and the bond they are building with each other. But we can’t be sure that his relationship with Liz last forever. Because as we look into his past relationships, his dating history is quite bad. His luck in dating is quite bad. When anything could happen. Pennant fans are so eagerly waiting for their further plans.

CBB star Jermaine Pennantt

CBB star Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend revealed

Other than that, as per the sources, it is found that, since the couple has been dating, they have been living abroad together in a living relationship at Liz’s parents’ villas in Spain and France. Now you must be wondering who actually Jermaine’s new girlfriend is. What does she do for a living? What’s her profession and things like that? Well, let me tell you, CBB star Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend is best known for her relationship with Jermaine. Besides that, she is a millionaire travel company heiress. Liz Barrett is the owner of Eccelentia Travel. For more updates about the couple, you can also check their Instagram handle given below:

Jermaine Pennant: @jermaine7pennant

Liz Barrett: @lizbarrettxx

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