Who is Jelena Dokic’s Boyfriend? A Dive Through Personal Life of the Former Tennis Player!

jelena dokic boyfriend
Who is Jelena Dokic's boyfriend?

Lately, Jelena Dokic made fans go emotional with her heart-touching reunion after 13 years with Alize Cornet on the tennis court. This happened after Alize reached her first Grand Slam quarter-final at the Australian Open. And Jelena, who is a former professional tennis player and now a commentator for Channel 9 took her interview after the match where Alize had shown her respect to Jelena by saying that she wanted to say congratulations to her. As she considers Jelena was an amazing player and now an amazing commentator. And Jelena went like, she can’t even believe that she was crying!

Along with being a commentator and former professional tennis player, Jelena is also an Australian tennis coach and writer. The World No. 4 Tennis Champion had won WTA Tour events on all surfaces during her career. Well, coming to the present, it seems that this month has been quite an emotional stir to Jelena Dokic. Whether we talk about this reunion or the things related to her love life, everything whipped round her emotional stability! And more about this you would be getting to know in the later half of this article. Well, this brings us to the question that who is Jelena Dokic’s boyfriend? And how long it has been that the two were warming each other’s hearts? Most importantly, are they still together? Let us find out!

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Who is Jelena Dokic’s boyfriend?

So, Jelena Dokic’s boyfriend was Tin Bikic. And to your knowledge, early this month only, the couple had revealed about their seperation. The news was a total surprise to their fans who were witnessing the campatability of this adorable couple from quite like 18 and a half year! However, before giving her final words on this relationship, last month she had given some hints regarding the same when she took a break from the social media describing that she was struggling through a ‘tough period’ in her life. Following which she recieved several messages from her fans and well wishers about which she had talked about in her latest social media post.

jelena dokic boyfriend
Jelena’s note regarding her inactivity on social media!

Well, it would also be worth mentioning that last lear only Jelena Dokic had opened up about her future plans with Tin Bikic. And said that marriage was on their list and as far as children were conserned, they were not planning on having kids that time, but said that it was one of the things that is very important to them. Moreover, Jelena had also confessed that she wants to raise her children very differently from how she was raised. And if you are unable to understand this line, then allow us to explain!

So, Jelena said like this because all her life she has been a victim of physical abbuse by her father who later got titled as the “Tennis dad from hell.” She had also confessed that she suffered physical abuse as a child and teenager almost every time her father was displeased with her performance on the tennis court. However, when she met Tin, she said that he brought her back from the brink! At that time she had also praised his supportive nature. But now, she says that she has given her best in this relationship. She gave her heart and soul but this time even after fighting till end, it turned out that it wasn’t enough! Let’s see what else she has to say regarding this seperation!

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A dive through her breakdown!

Jelena Dokic took to her Instagram handle to address the issue. After her post regarding the pain and trauma which had left the internet questioning about her well being, she made a post on 15th january where she disclosed her seperation with her long time partner Tin Bikic. It was a picture of the two that was edited by adding a central cleavage that described their seperation.

jelena dokic boyfriend
The photo which Jelena had posted to anounce her break-up!

Along with that, she had also penned down her thoughts in the caption. She said that sometimes things happen and people grow apart but that’s only for the best. She then had urged people not to comment on their seperation. Jelena had also emphasised that nationality and religion is none of the matter and so, people should not connect their break-up with all these! And although she is in pain, she is working to have a new version of herself!

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