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Who is Jeff Lewis Dating Right Now – New Partner After Spilt from Scott Anderson?

Jeff Lewis just does not seem to be dating anyone right now. Well, that is right and might seem odd given the fact that we just saw him with Scott Anderson. But while being on one of his radio shows, Jeff Lewis confirmed a new personal detail of his life. Back in September of 2020, while his fans thought that Jeff is dating Scott Anderson, he shocked us all by revealing that the two have broken up. Now, no one knows what was the reason behind this potential split but there are many speculations over the social media platforms. There are people who suspect that it was all getting heavy for Jeff because he has to co-parent his daughter along with his ex-boyfriend then all the load that work has cast upon them.

Who is Jeff Lewis Dating Right Now?

Previously, we know that Jeff Lewis was in a deep and committed relationship with Gage Edward. The two of them met through their business and later started dating. On the 25t of October 2016, the couple had a daughter through the means of the surrogate and raised her together. Although, the unfortunate news of them breaking up came out on the 31st of January 2019 after they were along with each other through the ups and downs for 10 years. As of right now, both of them have custody of their daughter and have no rivalry whatsoever. They even understand each other to this date and have a healthy parenting life. Also, you guys should know that Jeff Lewis has been through a lot in his life too. He was diagnosed with a disorder called obsessive compulsory personality disorder. It all happened while he was being in his twenties.

Who is Jeff Lewis Dating Right Now in April 2021?

Jeff Lewis along with Gage Edward and their daughter

About Jeff Lewis and His journey

The full name of Jeff Lewis is Jeffery Thomas Lewis and he was born on the 24th of March 1970. He is an American real estate speculator as well as an interior designer. He is wildly popular among the fans who watch television as well as listen to the radio. Popularly, the world knows Jeff Lewis for being the creator of Flipping Out. It is a reality TV show on Bravo Channel that focuses on Jeff’s life which is surrounded by his mates such as Jenni, his project manager as well as Zoila, his housekeeper. Filming for the show takes place in Los Angeles, California, and also throws light on Jeff’s personal life with his business manager as well as ex-boyfriend Gage even though they have split up now. Till this point in time, the show has had 11 seasons and no one knows what lies in the future of the series.

It might already be known to the fans of Jeff Lewis who watch his content regularly that he was born in Orange County located in California. The talented Flipping Out star has been a student of the University of Southern California as well as Chapman University where he studied pre-law along with political science. After he graduated from his college, Jeff ignited his career with a profession in real estate. Later through the years as he earned quite a lot of fame through his real estate career, he started working in the interior design sector. He started his own design firm. later in 2009. His company has been creating some of the most awesome products for homes such as paints as well as rugs and tiles along with doors.

Jeff Lewis – Career as a designer

House Beautiful has even requested him to design their Kitchen of the Year which was open to the public at Rockefeller Center. Along with all the interior design work and the real estate business, Jeff invested in Flipped Out, a reality TV series that we have already discussed earlier in this article. The shoe launched on the 31st of July 2007. Fans obviously loved watching their favorite businessman on the air and because of it, much success was achieved by Flipped Out. It got so popular that Jeff launched a spinoff of his show called Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.

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