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Who is Isseypovs From Tiktok, What is She Famous For?

In today’s article, we shall cover the young sensational Tiktok star and social media influencer Isseypovs. Don’t you think it’s a weird name? Well, this is not the star’s original name. The real star is Issey Moloney, who is the main topic of today’s article. We shall get into the reason behind such a name later on. Tiktok has become one of the best platforms where a person becomes a celebrity by showcasing their talents. Issey Moloney is one of them. In case you don’t know her, you must be having several questions regarding her in your mind. Right? This is quite obvious for the common people to show some interest in these young and talented celebrities. In case Issey Moloney is new to you, you must be wondering who she is. Right? We shall get into her career and everything about her in detail.

By now, you must be knowing who Issey Moloney is. She is none other than a very young and Titok sensation and a social media influencer. Issey Moloney is often called the CEO of POV (point of view) videos as most of her content is on that. People love her mainly for her emotional honest content. Besides she is also very entertaining. Issey Moloney has gained huge massive fans on different social media platforms. We shall cover everything about her public accounts later on in this article. If you are one of those fans of Issey Moloney, this article is exactly for you. So go ahead, and get into this article to know further about Issey Moloney aka Isseypovs.

Who is Isseypovs or Issey Moloney? Peek into her early life in brief:

She is a British social media influencer, a Tiktok star born on 7 March 2005 in England, United Kingdom. Issey Moloney is young and talented. Currently, she is pursuing her studies at a local school. It’s good to see, that despite being a sensational star, she is also focussing on her studies. Issey Moloney is believed to be very hardworking and that’s how she manages both her studies and work as a social media influencer. She has been a cheerleader as well, for many years.

Who is Isseypovs from Tiktok?


When Issey Moloney was young, her parents got divorced. Thus she was never that close with her parents. But she also has a younger brother, named Oliver Moloney with whom she shares a friendly relation.

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What is Issey Moloney famous for? Peek into her professional life:

By now, now must be knowing what Issey Moloney does for which she is so famous and popular. Right? Now, we shall discuss her career.

Isseypovs or Issey Moloney is a British Tiktok star, social media influencer. Most of her content is based on POV (Point Of View). This is the reason, why she is often named Isseypovs. Even her Tiktok account has this name as the username. Most of her POV videos are either on her ex-boyfriends, friends or family. Her videos are based on her emotions that perfectly match the situations. Apart from this, she also lip-syncs on trending songs. That’s how she is so entertaining as mentioned above. Also, Issey Moloney has collaborated with various famous US brands, at such a young age. Her Tiktok and Instagram accounts hold more than 5 million followers and 198k followers respectively as of 31st August 2021. She also runs her Youtube channel where she also posts some of her makeup videos which are quite interesting.

Who is Isseypovs from Tiktok? What is she famous for?

Issey Moloney

Who is Issey Moloney Dating? Peek into her relationship:

Earlier, she has dated Harry Spurling. Now, you must be wondering who did the famous, young and talented Issey date. Who is Harry Spurling? Well, Harry Spurling is also a popular Tiktok star and social media influencer. Since, things didn’t work well between the two, and also because they are very young for a serious relationship, they parted their ways.

Now, at present, when it comes to relationships, Issey Moloney prefers to stay quiet. She prefers to keep her personal life private. So, it is not known if she is dating anyone at present. Whatever be the case, it seems like she is focusing more on her studies and career. There is a long way to go and we wish her good luck for the upcoming days.

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