Who is Hunter Lee Soik’s Girlfriend? What is Her Relationship Status?

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Hunter Lee Soik's Girlfriend
Hunter Lee Soik

Who is Hunter Lee Soik’s Girlfriend? What do we know about his career details and relationship status? Starting from the basics, Hunter Lee Soik is the founder and chief executive officer of an alarm clock application called Shadow: Community of Dreamers. He is a successful entrepreneur and has received quite a fame for his notable servings. Besides that, he also runs another company, which is more like a media platform, and we shall talk about it later on. Little did you know, Hunter Lee Soik is also a great skater and is well-trained in this particular sport. Another interesting fact about him is his notable photography skills.

Hunter Lee Soik has worked quite hard, resulting him in earning the prestigious position he is at present. Knowing everything, his fans are interested in Who is Hunter Lee Soik’s Girlfriend? He has been rumored to be dating Anna Sorokin. Many people are unaware of who she is and also if anything romantic ever happened between her and Hunter Lee Soik. If you want to know more about it, this article is highly recommended to you.

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Hunter Lee Soik’s Girlfriend: Relationship Status

As far as his relationship status is concerned, Hunter Lee Soik seems to be single and is not currently dating anyone. Earlier, he seems to be not involved in any romantic relationship. However, he has been rumored to be dating Anna Sorokin. In case you aren’t aware of who she is, here is her brief introduction.

Hunter Lee Soik's Girlfriend
Hunter Lee Soik’s rumored girlfriend- Anna Sorokin, a fraudster

Anna Sorokin is a Russian-German fraudster, born on 23 January 1999. She was born in Domodedovo, Moscow. Being a fraudster, she disguised herself as Anna Delvey and claimed to be a German heiress. Her wicked and dull side came to the limelight when Anna swindled $27500 from hotels and banks. Not only that, she escaped from paying the bills by illegal actions. Also, she has mentioned herself as a ‘trust fund baby’. In short, Anna Sorokin has a fake personality and has made several criminal fraud acts. Her story of stealing the heart and money of several elites of New York have been depicted in the new Netflix series titled Inventing Anna. On 11 February 2022, it has released.

However, neither Hunter Lee Soik nor Anna has confirmed to share a romantic relationship. These rumors are considered to be completely vague. Also, this businessman has not been spotted outside with her or anyone suspicious. So, it is considered Hunter Lee Soik to be single as in February 2022. Not only that, but many fans were also left shocked after learning a successful man like Hunter Lee Soik dating a fraudster like Anna. But, now it’s a big relief!

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Hunter Lee Soik’s Career Details

This successful businessman, Hunter Lee Soik, was born in Seoul, South Korea. Thereafter, he relocated himself to California to pursue his career. He started taking classes for skating. Then, he enrolled himself at Brooks Institute of Photography, located in Santa Barbara. Also, he starred in a television commercial for Coca Cola brand. Hunter Lee Soik graduated from MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics with a micro master in supply chain management.

Hunter Lee Soik's Girlfriend
Hunter Lee Soik

Talking about his alarm clock application, Shadow: Community Of Dreamers, it alerts the users to notify the content of their dreams as soon as the users wake up. The company is situated in Hong Kong. Also, he runs TRADE X, which is a global business-to-business automobile media platform. His hard work has gained him prominence and fame both in reality and social media. On Instagram, Hunter Lee Soik has over 54.1K followers.

Hunter Lee Soik is very popular in his professional field and is quite hardworking. He is multi-talented. Also, he inspires millions of people across the world. Considering him single, we are hoping him to reach more success and find his love interest real soon. Good luck!

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