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Who Is Hugh Laurie Dating? A Look Into Actor’s Private Life

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House or Hugh Laurie is one of the most amazing on-screen doctors. Hugh has done it all, from being youth’s fav doctor in House to kid’s fav father. Even though fans want to know about everything, including who Hugh Laurie is dating, the actor has been quite private about his life. The British actor who started his career as a writer and actor in the college theatre club is now one of the most loved artists in Hollywood. Being a father’s boy, Hugh followed his father’s footsteps in both real and reel life.

Hugh’s father was an Olympic rowing champion and a gold medallist who later became a doctor. He followed his father in real life and went to prepare for Olympics as a standard rower but couldn’t participate a he became sick and had to drop out. In reel life, Hugh did play a doctor following his father somehow! For his role as Dr. House, he has won two Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. He has also done shows like Veep, The Night Manager, and movies like Tomorrowland, The Personal History of David Copperfield.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Who Is Hugh Laurie Dating?

Not only has Hugh Laurie been dating, but he has been married for thirty years now. He married his girlfriend, Jo King. She works as a theater administrator. They both met when she was at work and didn’t take long to fall in love. Marrying in June 1989, the couple had a perfect summer wedding with Hugh’s best friend and partner Stephen as his best man. Together the couple has three children; Charlie, Bill, and Rebecca. Like any other couple, Hugh and Jo has been through many ups and downs. Hugh’s acting career did put a strain on the family and the relationship, but they have managed to overcome the problems.

In an interview, talking about his experience in sitcoms, Hugh revealed that weekly TV is like Navy for him. He would be away from home, on the other side of the world for ten months of the year. He is definitely extremely in love with his family that he decided not complain and make efforts in the relationship. Hugh had to stay in Los Angeles while his family stayed back in London for various reasons. After the ending of the show, the couple went to Buenos Aires for a romantic vacation. The vacation was more of Hugh touring with his band Copperbottom. But Jo joined him for a few days to relax and sightseeing.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie And HIs Wife Jo King During Their Wedding

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During his college years, Hugh also dated actress Emma Thompson for the time being. The couple met at the theatre club at the Cambridge University. He met his comedic partner Stephan Fry through Emma. Both Emma, Stephen, and Hugh were the head writers of the club. They even made it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and won a prize.

How is Hugh And His Family Doing Now?

While Hugh was in Los Angeles shooting for his sitcom House or touring with his band, his wife Jo takes care of the kids back home in London. Stephen Fry, Hugh’s best friend, and the children’s godfather, also plays a big happy role in the family. The kids are not much into acting as they grow up, but they did appear on the screen when they were little. The eldest son, Charlie, had a role while he was still an infant. He appeared in A Bit of Fry and Laurie as baby William. His second son, Bill, appeared in his father’s other sitcom Fortysomething. The youngest kid, Rebecca, played the role of five-year-old Vivian Bearing in the movie Wit. Currently, they are living a quiet life.

Recently Hugh opened up about his depression. Opening up, he revealed that how his mental health took a toll on his body. He would just go to the shoot, and after getting done, he’d come back to bed and spend his time sleeping. He barely wanted to get out of bed in the mornings. His time on the show House M.D., he felt very low and sullen. To battle his illness, he went to a psychotherapist. After coming out of therapy two years later and feeling better, he considers himself very lucky. He says that he is so much happier now and more accepting of things.

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