Who is Holly Scarfone from Too Hot To Handle Season 3?

Who is Holly Scarfone
Holly Scarfone

Who is Holly Scarfone from Too Hot To Handle Season 3? You must be aware of the dating cum gaming show, Too Hot To Handle. On 19 January 2022, Netflix released Season 3 of the show. If you aren’t aware, it has a group of twelve very pretty and handsome people who are single and are competing against each other to win $100,000 and find love.

Holly Scarfone is one of those contestants hailing from Canada. She has a pretty, sassy personality and a beautiful face, which is more like Kylie Jenner. With that, she has already gained a good fanbase. With her participation in Too Hot To Handle, the number is getting increased. Holly stated she is set to turn the heads of the other contestants in the retreat. When asked about relationships, she claimed it to be boring and is not up for anything serious. If you want to know what she is up to with the boys and the cash prize, you must watch Too Hot To Handle Season 3.

Looking at her stunning pictures on social media, especially after appearing in this show, people are more curious to learn Who Is Holly Scarfone from Too Hot To Handle Season 3 behind the camera.

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Who is Holly Scarfone from Too Hot To Handle Season 3? Everything to know Kylie Jenner Twin

With being a Kylie Jenner Twin, we mean Holly Scarfone to look exactly like her. Now, we will be discussing everything about her birthday, profession, education, and a lot more.

Who is Holly Scarfone from Too Hot To Handle Season 3
Holly Scarfone

How Old Is Holly Scarfone? Height & Birthplace

Holly Scarfone was born on 16 December 1998. That makes her 23 years as in January 2022. She is a fun-loving person and always up for spending and having fun with friends and family. Hailing from Canada for their career, she currently resides in the United States. As far as her height is concerned, Holly is 5’7″ feet tall.   

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Education Details

For studies, Holly Scarfone attended Scotts Valley High School. Last year, on 25 July, she graduated from the University Of Colorado. She has a degree in psychology which proves her to be quite educated and knowledgeable.

Profession & Social Media Fame

Talking about her profession, before rising fame, Holly Scarfone is a runaway model and a social media influencer. As a model, she walked on the New York Fashion Week. She has also been serving the same for Donabaldwin Agency since April 2019. Before that, Holly worked as a receptionist at Simply Skin Spa. Also, not to forget to mention her job at SFORNO restaurant as a hostess. Overall, it is proved that she is quite hard work.

After participating in Too Hot To Handle Season 3, Holly Scarfone increased the number of followers on her Instagram account to 22K in number.

Love Interest

Moving on with Holly Scarfone’s love interest in the show, she is not yet attracted to anyone, as it seems so. Even if she is, she hasn’t shown that yet.

Who is Holly Scarfone from Too Hot To Handle Season 3
Holly Scarfone

When asked about the idea of relationships, Holly mentioned how boring she finds it. She also stated that she is not up for creating or involving in serious bonds anytime soon. Holly is a self-proclaimed diva. When it comes to her love interest, Holly revealed she is in search of someone who is open-minded, kind, and has a good accent. Also, she wants someone who has to match her level, be it an understanding level or level.

She is quite confident about herself and wild too, more like a go-getter kind of person. If she decides to have something, she will make it happen by hook or by crook. Another thing, she is quite adventurous and has travelled to New York City, San Diego, Mexico, and France. Knowing everything about Jaz Holloway, we are looking forward to seeing if she can win Too Hot To Handle Season 3. Also, hoping her to meet her naughty boy.

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