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Who Is Herobrine In Real Life? Minecraft: The Story Of Herobrine And His Identity

Who is Herobrine in real life? The haunted and spooky mob got implemented in Minecraft over a decade ago. Only the original Minecraft players mostly remember him and are almost considered a myth by the newly introduced players. The stories of Herobrine became famous around the 2010s around the release of the game. They helped pop off the game’s popularity because renowned Youtubers and streamers recorded and shared their experience with Herobrine. This gimmick was free publicity for the game, making it relevant today as several Herobrine videos have tens and millions of views and likes.

More than half of adults today have at least played Minecraft once in their entire lives. Thus, many youngsters are aware of Herobrine, although their opinions about him can differ depending on which era of Minecraft they were playing in. Regardless, Herobrine remains a mystery to this day and passes off as nothing but a meme or a gag for laughs and giggles. Who exactly is Herobrine? What is his real identity, or is he even based on a real person? There are a lot of speculations if he is the Late brother of Notch, the creator of Minecraft.

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Who is Herobrine from Minecraft? Is he based on a real person?

Textbook definition-wise, Herobrine is a fictional character also considered a creepypasta character who roams the world of Minecraft with eerie white glowy eyes and an unsettling stare from afar. Many speculate that he is based on Notch’s dead brother and implemented to seek revenge on living players. Although he does not harm the player directly, most players tend to run away because of fear and confusion, as at the time, it was not publicly stated whether he was a virus, ghost or even just a prank.

However, according to the Herobrine Origin movies, it seems that Herobrine has a story. Steve Briggs was a 17-year-old boy. After gaining knowledge about his exceptional telekinetic powers, he destroys his high school in the process of seeking vengeance towards his childhood bully, Thomas White. While chasing him down, Steve cornered him to a tree while setting the entire forest on fire, eventually killing White. His powers were so mighty that he ultimately lost control and turned into Herobrine.

His parents, Anna and Robert, died when he was seemingly young, leaving him an orphan and under the legal protection of his uncle, Jack, who he also later murders by setting the house on fire. Whoo, as enjoyable as his backstory is, it can also give you the chills!

From where does Herobrine come? Who made him and why?

A popular Youtuber and video game streamer, Copeland, was a significant factor in the popularization of Herobrine in the early 2010s. On his gaming and live stream channel, Brocraft, he talks about Herobrine on one of the subreddits on Reddit – which caused a massive blow-up on social media. People came to know about the creepypastas. Many players reported seeing him during single-player and supposedly experienced ‘abnormal’ occurrences, uncommon in Minecraft.

The game developed by Mojang, Minecraft, was never meant to be a horror game. Yet this easter egg caused massive hype as Herobrine invaded Youtube videos, with their red texts and clickbait thumbnails, online forums, Jumpscare videos, and even social media platforms, thus leading to the Legend Of Herobrine.

Screenshot from the game – Can you spot Herobrine?

Is Herobrine still in Minecraft 2021? Was he even real?

As absurd as the question sounds, it is not a dismissable question. You will be shocked to know that Notch, the creator, and the developing team, have entirely declined the existence of Herobrine. Notch said in 2012, “I don’t have a dead brother, and he never was in the game. Not real. Never was.”

Again during the Beta 1.6.6 through 1.9 final release, Notch specified that Herobrine was officially removed from the game, although against the fans’ opposition. However, this commotion led to more unrest, as many players still sensed his presence in the game, while some argued that he was never an official character but a mere mod made by a fan. As the year passes, it becomes increasingly mysterious about where and who exactly is Herobrine.

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