Is the former member of Kara, Han Seung-Yeon dating someone or is she single? Love is certainly hard in the world and love in the entertainment industry is the hardest. People meet someone, the romantic flings start they date and then have a breakup. Sometimes, it all went the other direction. People meet, they fall in love and cherish that love forever and got married, and sometimes it just remained one meet crush. Now just imagine, how will you feel if we will tell you the worldwide handsome member of BTS, Jimin is dating someone. Shocked right?

The hero of our today’s story is a very handsome, supremely talented, and most eligible bachelor Jimin. And if he is the hero, undoubtedly Han Seung-Yeon is our leading lady. Reportedly, back in 2018, news surfaced on the internet that BTS’s Jimin is dating the former member of Kara Han Seung-Yeon. They were spotted together and fans speculated that they are dating. BTS is the biggest boys band in the world. They have revolutionized the K-pop industry. Certainly, we are aware that their fan following counts in billion.

People are crazy about BTS members and whenever they are spotted with any girl that gives rise to their dating rumors. Likewise, Jimin and Han Seung-Yeon’s dating rumors flooded the internet. And here in the article, we will talk about Who is Han Seung-yeon dating now in 2022? Is she is dating Jimin? Let’s find out.

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Is Han Seung-yeon dating Jimin?

BTS’s members dating rumors are always in the talk of people. People are speculating that Jimin is dating Han Seung-Yeon, but let me tell like all the other dating rumors this is also a rumor. Han Seung Yeon is not dating BTS’s Jimin.

As I mentioned above, the rumor started because they were spotted together. Back in 2018, Han and Jimin were on a tour to promote Mamma Mia events, and unknowingly their schedule crashed and they caught together.

han seung-yeon dating

Han talked about it to the media. In her statement, she said, “We met while we were on a tour to promote the Mamma Mia event and our schedule crashed. I met him during the promotion and was star stuck there for a moment seeing him. It was for the first time I met him and he was looking stunning. We talked for a while and then moved on with our work.”

Han’s words were enough to let the fans speculate that she has a crush on Jimin. However, that crush only lasts for an event as they never caught together after that. They are not dating and are currently focused on their career. Well, if Han Seung Yeon is not dating Jimin, then who is she dating now in 2022? Next, in the article, we will talk about who is Han Seung Yeon dating now in 2022?

Who is Han Seung-yeon dating now in 2022? 

Han Seung-Yeon’s dating life is quite blurry and there is no information available as to who is she dating now in 2022? Seemingly, she is single and is very much focused on her career. Neither, she is hitting any dating rumors these days nor did her agency give any update about her relationship status. Seemingly, she is single and enjoying her life while crafting her career. Moreover, if she is seeing someone in private that information is not available.

han seung-yeon dating
Han Seung-Yeon

All about Her Career

Han Seung-Yeon is a South Korean singer who is widely known as a former member of Kara. She is active in the industry since her childhood. Han made her acting debut back in 1993 from Dear Ends as a child artist. After working as a child artist, she stepped into the music industry with the music group Kara. She was the lead vocalist. In 2009, she left the band and started her solo career with the release of her single titled “Come to Play” released in March 2009. Han is a successful actress and a successful music star. She is best known for her role in Hello, My Twenties!

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