Who Is Georgie Henley Dating? The Narnia Star’s Personal Life

Who Is Georgie Henley Dating?

The famous Lucy Queen from the Narnia series Georgie Henley seems to fall in love again. But the question is, who is Georgie Henley dating? She is not only an on-screen actress, but she also works in theatre plays. She is like the old classic actress that worshipped the art of acting and baptized themselves in the devotion of the art. Queen Lucy is actually the queen of the art form we commonly known as acting. Georgie has been usually secured the role of a queen or a princess because she is royalty. Even the movies and series she chooses reflect how royal she is, and she doesn’t get her standards low even if she doesn’t have any work at the moment. She is a poet, and she published her anthology, which is called Issues.

Just like a queen who does not surrender to the enemy even if she knows she is going to die. She is expected to been seen in the prequel of Game of Throne. Our queen has also entitled herself as the Best Child Actress. Also, she is not only an actress. She is also an active volunteer at SOS Village. And who would not like to date a girl like that? Who is royal as a queen and kind as a saint. But the main question here is, who will this queen choose to be her king? And who is Georgie Henley dating?

Who Is Georgie Henley Dating?
Lucy From The Chronicles Of Narnia Does Not Open About Her Relationship To The World. ( credits: Youtube)

Although she likes to keep her personal life private, as it is well said, that if there is a fire, you see the smoke. The very same way her fans sensed the smoke and claimed it legit.

Who Is Georgie Henley Dating?

It is said that Georgie Henley is not dating anyone at the moment. But she has always kept his personal life away from the limelight. So, even if she is dating someone. She would not be the first one to open about it to the world. However, in 2017 she was rumored to be dating her fellow actor Skandar Keynes. The couple worked together as co-stars in The Chronicles of Narnia. In the movie, they characterized the role of a brother and sister. But off-screen, they were rumored to be in love with each other.

None of them ever talked about their relationship, but there were caught staring at each other in award functions and public gatherings. But we don’t know for sure that they were dating or not. A fan page also quoted Georgie and Ben Barnes together. But that is not possible. She adores Ben as her elder brother. The actress is also rumored to be dating fellow actor Keanu Pires and Luke Benward. However, Keanu is dating his long-term girlfriend now.

None of her relationships is confirmed yet. Or we can say her relationship rumors surfaced when she was in her early teens. It is possible that her teenage blood rush made her do it. But since she was grown up as an actor, no such rumors have surfaced about her. Even she hadn’t caught her named in any of the controversies, unlike a lot of celebrities. She is a simple, grounded girl with a glimpse of royalty. No rumor or news of Georgie dating anyone has surfaced in years. There might be no fire. That is why we can’t smell any smoke.

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Georgie Henley Seems To Be In Love

Yes! Georgie Henley seems to be in love with her dream and ambitions. She is focused, and she is working hard to build her career. In her recent interview, she said that it was hard for her to be characterized as Lucy when she was only eight years old. She said coming out of that headspace was the most difficult part of the job. But she was able to manage her personal and private life.

Who Is Georgie Henley Dating?
Georgie Is Highly Focused On Her Career And Do Not Wish To Step In A Relationship. (Credits: TV Guide)

She is 26 years old now. She is focused, hard-working and dedicated. We can expect an Academy Award to be marked against her name super soon. She does not wish to get into a relationship as she is focusing on her career right now.

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