Who is Georgia from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Georgia from Too Hot to Handle Series 3
Georgia Hassarati

Georgia from Too Hot to Handle Series 3 became the favorite of most of the boys ever since her entrance into the reality dating show. She also proved herself to be quite the heartbreaker and easily bored as she described. The Australian favorite is not only studying but also doing brand promotions and partnerships. Georgia mentions that boys from her areas are a jerk, and so she likes international guys. She is a dog lover, as evident from her adorable pup Sponge. It seemed that she is afraid of serious commitment as she was always backed by the guys in the show that wanted to be with her.

Now, many are opined that the Australian beauty is following the footsteps of season 1’s Francesca Farago and would soon take over her throne. Both of them not only had prior huge Instagram followers but were also very popular among the house’s men. Their confidence level is on the same level that is set to break the rules and have no interest whether they lose money or not. After that, Georgia also broke the heart of two men in the show, Stevan Ditter and Gerrie Labuschagne. She definitely lived up to her introduction. 

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Who is Georgia from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Georgia from Too Hot to Handle Series 3’s full name is Georgia Hassarati. She is one of the singles who went into the show in episode 1 and came in third place by staying until episode 10 of the reality show. The 26-year-old Georgia is very active on Instagram and boosts the highest Instagram followers among all the contestants. She had more than 1k followers before coming to Too Hot to Handle series 3, which drastically increased to more than 2k followers. The influencer is not only beautiful but also daring, considering she was the first to break the rules of Lana. However, she did not find her soulmate in the reality dating show.

Georgia Hassarati from Too Hot to Handle Series 3
Aussie influencer Georgia

Georgia is a Student Midwife From Australia

Georgia’s profession is student midwife who hails from Australia’s Queensland. She thinks that she is a very Australian and very Aussie girl. Also, she loves the sun and likes to surf. Georgia was very interested in settling down with someone, having like a dog, and that kind of thing in the past. Then, she had kind of gone the other way when it was just like that it did not work out for her. Georgia is also an Instagram influencer besides studying for becoming a midwife.

The Aussie girl does not want to get tied down, and she could just do whatever she wants, and that’s what she loves. Hassarati likes guys with a bit of spice and a bit of confidence. If someone could make her laugh, that is very attractive for her. Justin Beiber is her ultimate type of guy. and she would greatly appreciate it if there is guys out there like him. In her Instagram bio, she wrote that her mother thinks that she is funny. She also says in the show how international guys have the spice that she wants.

Georgia’s Netflix Introduction

Georgia describes herself as the happy-go-lucky Ozzy in the Netflix introduction bio, who is living the dream of being single. Another term she puts for explaining herself is serial ghoster as she moves on quickly after getting bored easily. The Instagram influencer also likes traveling worldwide, wherein she had left broken hearts’ trail behind her. Hassarati also planned to know guys that had features blond, tattooed, and tone, as her celebrity crush Justin Bieber. The student midwife found herself to be the interest of several guys on Too Hot Handle Series 3.

Georgia in Too Hot to Handle Series 3

Georgia and Izzy’s $3000 Kiss

All the hot singles were frustrated went they came to know that they were shooting for Too Hot to Handle Series 3 and not Pleasure Island. Lana’s rules and regulations regarding not having sex and intimacy further made them angry. Well, Georgia and Izzy decided to journey on their own, break the rules and have fun without caring for the prize money. Then, the pair shared a steamy kiss within nine minutes of going into the reality show. Their kiss also broke all the previous records of going into intimacy early on and cost the group $3000. 

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