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Who is Gavin Rossdale Dating? The Famous Musician’s Personal Life

Gavin McGregor Rossdale has made name for himself in the music industry in the form of a very talented British musician as well as a singer and a songwriter. He has also done some of the acting gigs and is wildly popular among the people for his band called Bush in which he was the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist. It was because of his dedication that Bush was formed back in 1992. Although, Bush came crashing down when the members decided to call it quits in 2002. This was when he went on his musical journey to become the lead singer and guitarist for Institute.

But soon enough, Rossdale decided to start a solo career. Back in 2010, his band Bush came to a common conclusion and reunited. Rossdale has been awarded plenty of prizes in his music career but none can match the honor of the Ivor Novello Award by the British Academy for International Achievement. Well, with the rising fame came immense media involvement in Rossdale’s personal life. Everyone got pretty anticipated regarding his dates and relationships and if you consider yourself an enthusiast of the same, then this is the right place. Here we have wrapped up all information about the current dating scenario of the British singer.

Gavin Rossdale Describes His Relationship

Back in 2020 when Bush was about to release the song called Quicksand, Rossdale attended quite a few interviews and discussed how the song describes his feelings. It was the time around which his album The Kingdom was about to release. The track was all about how Gavin is trying to find true love in the world. He was vocal about the inspiration that drove him to write Quicksand. According to Gavin, the lyrics describe all the relationships that he has been through in the past.

Who is Gavin Rossdale Dating?

Gwen and Gavin

Gavin Rossdale was married to Gwen Stefani for a long period in time about which we shall discuss later. After his split from Gwen in 2016, he sought relationships once again with models such as Sophia Thomalla as well as Natalie Golba but failed. As per his official statement, Rossdale said that he keeps getting screwed over and over again in all these relationships and he does not think that he is good at the whole dating scene these days. He told that despite the fact that everyone thinks he has a girlfriend, he actually does not.

When Gavin was asked about how he spends his free time, he explained about being dedicated to his child as a single father. When he was asked about how has the pandemic been treating him, then he revealed the time he shares with his three sons. They were born when he was still married to Gwen Stefani. Kington, Zuma we as Apollo both divide their time for their mother as well as father.

His Dating History

It was back in 1995 that Rossdale stumbled across Gwen Stefani and the two immediately took off. At that time, Gwen happened to be the lead singer of the rock band called No Doubt. They were having a tour with Bush and this is how Gwen and Gavin met. The two took a break for two years in their relationship when Gavin started seeing other women but it never worked out with anyone. Later in 2002, he finally proposed to Gwen, and the two married. After more than a decade of marriage, Gwen and Gavin decided to split up and divorce.

As for the reason for their break up, the couple stated it was some irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized in 2016. This was when German model Sophia Thomalla comes into the picture. Gavin and Sophia started dating in 2017 until the two broke up in 2018. It was not until 2004 that Gavin came to know about his daughter Daisy Iowe whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Pearl Iowe. This news was revealed to him after an alleged paternity test. Before that, he happened to be the godfather of Daisy and when he came to know about this, he cut off all the ties from Pearl as well as Daisy. Later in 2009, there were some pictures that revealed Daisy and Rossdale’s son walking in the streets of London.

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